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Sole Survivor - WSOP Main Event Part 2

by Ian Simpson |  Published: Oct 01, 2013


My last blog described the fantastic opening I had to the WSOP Main Event. This blog describes how easily a strong chip count can disappear with just a few key hands. Around level 3 is where the tournament really started taking a turn for the worse. I made a set on a 689 board holding 66. I bet the flop strong and my opponent called. The turn came a 7 and we both checked. I checked the river to him and he fired a bet. I begrudgingly called it but he showed the bad news with 910. Not too big of a hit but it was the start of the slippery slope. A very loose passive pre flop player, who switched to loose aggressive post flop was talking about grinding out the Omaha cash games back home. He was very active at the table playing at least 40% of the ...

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