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A Poker Life: Joe Tehan

by Logan Hronis |  Published: Jul 01, 2013


Growing up in New York, a young Joe Tehan was a game fanatic. He would come home from school, finish his homework, and then be free to play games of all sorts. His family was full of card players, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when he picked up the habit, playing with and against his family members. Tehan grew up in a fairly strict household where his parents stressed hard work and perseverance. His sisters both received their PhDs in physics and chemistry, while his brother landed a promising executive position at a large company. Tehan, however, getting started in the game of limit poker, had other plans. Looking back on a decent sized career, it would seem Tehan made a good decision getting involved in poker. Close to $4 million in 89 career cashes and eight titles (in live tournaments alone) are more than enough to ease ...

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