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Head Games: Confused About Turn Play? Not Anymore.

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 01, 2012


The Pros: Nick Schulman, Andrew Lichtenberger, Alex Fitzgerald Craig Tapscott: Some players are confused many times on how to proceed on the turn. What are sticky spots you can run into and how do you maneuver through them? Nick Schulman: Very often on the turn, when players are unsure of what’s going on in the hand, they have a tendency to commit themselves to the pot in order to take some of the thinking out of it. This can be a mistake for a variety of reasons. Firstly, very often you don’t allow your opponent to bet, and also you sometimes find yourself in a spot where you’re no longer getting value out of your hand because playing deep-stacked no limit hold’em, you may only be involved with a hand that beats your hand were the money to go in. An example of this would be $100,000 stacks, the board ...

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