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My World Series of Poker Odyssey Part II

by Niall Smyth |  Published: Oct 01, 2011


The Good In one hand that happened early in the day [in the main event], I raise with K-8 and, as was the norm, the small blind reraised. The big blind stared him down and four-bet it — at this stage late in level six I’m either so sick of them just taking my chips or, less likely, I have a good read. I go ahead and reraise again, we get a quick fold from the small blind, and after a lengthy stare down from the big blind we get a fold as he shows an ace. Nothing magical I’m sorry folks but this was my first low of 49,000 and helped me rebuild my stack back towards 100,000 in the level. We move along maybe two levels now and the blinds are 400-800 and the table norm raise is 2,000. (I’ve lost two pots; one where I hit two ...

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