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The Committee: How to Start a Poker Underground

by Jennifer Mason |  Published: Jan 01, 2010


Lahore, Pakistan, 2004. Gambling is illegal, poker virtually unknown. There’s a societal and monetary divide between those with disposable cash and high-speed Internet, and those without, and the culture of betting shops and casinos which UK players grew up in is nonexistent. But games have a strange way of spreading, Texas hold’em being the most virulent example since backgammon, and it only takes one person with a deck of cards and a pile of similar small-sized objects to introduce the virus. That person was journalist Jude Heaton, London-born and Lahore-based, and the group which started on a road trip with a few friends and ended up being spoken about in hushed tones in the city’s high society is The Committee. The fundamental aspect of poker which has made it boom this decade is its apparent simplicity, with challenging minutiae waiting just under the surface to keep new players coming back ...

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