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by Daragh Thomas |  Published: Dec 01, 2009


Self-analysis is hard in any walk of life. It is very easy to blame ones misfortunes on other people, much harder to recognise your own shortcomings. Listen to any disagreement between two people, and they will very nearly always believe the other person to be at fault. At the end of most football matches, the losing manager will complain about the referee, the opposition, the pitch, and sometimes his own players, but rarely himself. Poker players are no different, and in fact I think this tendency occurs more in poker than in other fields, and that is because in poker, your performance, good or otherwise, often has little or no impact on your short-term results. Most players, when they lose a large or important hand, immediately run through the hand from their opponent’s point of view, and try and spot where his or her play deviates from what they would ...

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