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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Stefan Mattsson

Stefan “el_matador” Mattsson Makes Big Laydown Against Luca Pagano

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Aug 01, 2009


Rebecca McAdam: How did the hand kick off?   Stefan Mattsson: Luca Pagano came to the right of me with a huge stack, and I had a decent stack — think I started with around 48,000 on 400-800 blinds. He had over 100,000, and I’m on the small blind, Luca’s on the button. It’s folded around to the cutoff who limps, which Luca does as well, and I complete with 3-3, and the big blind checks.   RM: It’s not a raising hand here?   SM: No not with two players in position because I think both players will call and I have to hit my set to be able to continue to play the hand on the flop most of the time.   RM: Basically all you can really hope for here is a good flop, otherwise you’re out.   SM: Exactly.   Flop: K 4 3 (pot: 3,875) ...

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