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Sammy ‘Any Two’ George

On Challenging ‘Durrrr’ and Europe’s Hidden Cash-Game Scene

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Aug 01, 2009


Picture this. A London casino, much like any other casino in the world; tournaments, cash games, black jack tables, roulette, the whole nine yards. Life radiates throughout; the various sounds of laughter, loss, rapture, and regret. Serious players settle in for a session, fish build the nerve to take the plunge, and local bar hoppers fancy their chances. Not far from this, in the same building in fact, a group of men come together, hungry for more. More than those in the other rooms can afford. More than those in charge can offer. They are business men and that’s what they are here to do. The room is just like any other. That is, until a date is arranged which puts into motion the actions needed to bring together the forces which make this room come alive. Some of the richest, most successful, and down right daring poker players come ...

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