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Tom Schneider Vol. 20, No. 20 Card Player Magazine

Tom Schneider Parlays Business Experience into Poker Profit

by Justin Marchand

Tom Schneider is having one hell of a year. The man who took down two bracelets at the 2007 World Series of Poker and the event's player of the year honors knew his breakout was just around the corner. Schneider, a regular high-stakes mixed-game cash player, proved his skill by capturing the ...

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    Teenager Wins World Series of Poker Europe Main Event Annette "annette_15" Obrestad Takes Down $2 Million By Bob Pajich Tiger Woods was 21 years old when he won his first major tournament. LeBron James was 18 when he was drafted by the ...continued

  • 'The Stunning One' Lives Up to His Name

    by Julio Rodriguez

    With just two peach-colored $1,000 chips remaining, sitting in the big blind late on day three, it looked like Bill Edler would have to settle for another deep but disappointing finish in a World Poker Tour event. After previously finishing 13th, ...continued

  • Out West, Back East, and in Europe, 1883-1900

    by James McManus

    Like many another New York youngster who had been raised on cowboy tunes, [Rollins] delighted in the idea of being "out West" for the first time, and it was entirely consistent with Sonny's personality to express how he felt about being ...continued

  • What is Your Plan?

    by Jeff Shulman

    How closely are business and poker related? Some of poker's most successful players have lengthy business resumes, while some great players don't even have a resume. The man on our cover this month, Tom Schneider, has used his business ...continued

  • A Great Call in a Monster Game

    by Phil Hellmuth

    Recently I was playing in a $50,000 buy-in no-limit hold'em game in Las Vegas. The blinds started out at $200-$400, but a mere two hours into the game, they were kicked up to $500-$1,000. Rebuys were $50,000 a pop, and that made this particular ...continued

  • European Poker Tour Barcelona

    by Daniel Negreanu

    In so many ways, the European Poker Tour is positioning itself to be the leading tour in the world. As of now, countries from all over the world send reporting teams to cover the events, and they are given full access to the tournament and are allowed ...continued

  • Slow-Playing

    by Todd Brunson

    All good players slow-play from time to time, and you should, too. Once you make the decision to slow-play a hand, another important question arises: How slow is too slow? If you play it too fast, you might scare off your prey; too slow, and you may ...continued

  • Playing Against a New Field

    by Roy Cooke

    It can get mighty hot at times during late summer in Las Vegas, so I decided to take a trip north to visit with my Canadian friend Grant in Waterloo, Ontario, play a little golf in some cool weather, and check out the poker games in Brantford, a ...continued

  • Time Will Tell

    by Marc Karam

    If you're at all serious about the game of poker, you've probably learned that the goal in poker is to make as many correct decisions as possible. In no-limit forms of the game, just one bad decision can cost you your stack and send you to the ...continued

  • Playing Trash Hands in Limit Hold'em

    by Matthew Hilger

    My last column looked at how to play the nuts in limit hold'em. This column looks at situations on the other side of the spectrum - trash hands. Playing the nuts is relatively easy, since you simply are looking to maximize the value of your hand. ...continued

  • An Ordinary Hand

    by Steve Zolotow

    In my last column, I discussed the preflop play of a hand from a cash no-limit hold'em game at Bellagio. The blinds were $100-$200, and I had one of the shorter stacks with a little more than $10,000. I was in the big blind. Everyone folded to ...continued

  • Rebuy Tournament Strategy

    by Bob Ciaffone

    Rebuy tournaments are commonplace now. Everywhere you go, whether online or brick-and-mortar casinos, it is hard to find a place that does not offer rebuy events somewhere in its tournament schedule. Yet, there was a time when there was no such thing ...continued

  • A Chip, a Chair, and a Plan

    by Lee H. Jones

    "One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do" If you're one of the producers of the European Poker Tour television shows, please stop reading now; I'm about to make a pretty startling confession: Watching a typical no-limit ...continued

  • My World Series of Poker Main Event

    by Matt Matros

    Every poker player has a story every year from the $10,000 buy-in main event at the World Series of Poker. This is my story from 2007. As you know from previous columns, I entered the main event having cashed in my two previous WSOP events, almost ...continued

  • Meet Eric Narciso

    by Mark Gregorich

    I stopped by the poker room at The Orleans in Las Vegas recently to meet a few friends and play some Chinese poker. We like to do this at The Orleans because regardless of how busy the room is (and it tends to be bustling), management always treats us ...continued

  • Johnny or Larry?

    by Matt Lessinger

    I hope that no fellow columnist is insulted (or accuses me of kissing too much butt) when I say that Daniel Negreanu is hands down the best columnist in the world of poker. He is a top pro in both tournaments and cash games, and he gives detailed ...continued

  • Home-Court Advantage

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    It's tough to win on the road. Most people understand this, especially as it pertains to team sports. If you're a football bettor, for example, you know that oddsmakers routinely give three points to the home team before even beginning to ...continued

  • Big Denny the Musical

    by Max Shapiro

    On my way to Vegas one day, I made my usual stop at Big Denny's Barstow Card Casino and asked the big guy how business was. "Lousy, Maxey, an' gettin' worse. Dem farmers here, dey been losin' interest in comin' ta my joint. Ya ...continued