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Rob Hollink Vol. 4, No. 7 Card Player Magazine

Rob Hollink: First-Ever European Poker Champion Looks Back

by Rolf Slotboom

I'm in Monte Carlo when I approach Rob Hollink to do a cover story about him. He laughs at me and says: "Well, why on earth would you want to do that? I am playing bad, my business has turned sour, and in the past few months, I have lost $400,000. You want to write a story about the ...

  • Stanley Casinos

    by Alan Campbell

    In Great Britain's ever-increasing and competitive casino market, the old adage of "giving customers what they want" has seen Liverpool's Stanley Casinos grow from just three sites a few decades ago to the nation's top dog. Lord ...continued

  • Televised Poker

    by Rolf Slotboom

    When televised poker started in Europe, most of the professional players at that time were rather sceptical about it. The fact that the holecards were shown and that all viewers could see the hand selection of the pros, the patterns of their play, and ...continued

  • Dutch News

    by Peter Dalhuijsen

    Summer Classics in Utrecht Players were pleased to hear the announcement of yet another new tournament festival on Dutch soil. From Aug. 21 to Aug. 26, Holland Casino Utrecht will hold its second tournament series of the year, the Summer Classics ...continued

  • French News

    by Benjamin Gallen

    Le Grand Prix de Paris, post-World Poker Tour For everyone involved in the management of the poker room at the Aviation Club de France, the big question in early May was: Will the Grand Prix de Paris survive without the World Poker Tour label? Just ...continued

  • Gibraltar News

    by Tristan Cano

    Gibraltarians, like the inhabitants of most Mediterranean nations, are avid game players. In the summertime, the beaches are filled to the brim with locals wiling the day away engaging in their favourite games and pastimes. Aside from the more ...continued

  • Scandinavian News

    by Ola Brandborn

    It's official: I'm the worst poker player in Sweden! I had pocket sevens on a flop of 10-9-7 during the Swedish Championships in Tallinn, Estonia. Obviously, flopped sets are worthless against A-10. After another 10 on the turn and a 9 on the ...continued

  • UK News

    by Jennifer Mason

    Vegas versus Manchester Europeans seem to make it to big events stateside about as often as Americans make it to Europe - occasionally, and only when the event is something unusually large or prestigious. World Series of Poker Tournament Circuit ...continued

  • Industry News

    by Roy Brindley

    Sweden's Boss agrees deal with Finland's PAF Swedish-distributed gaming-entertainment-systems supplier Boss Media AB has announced that it has signed an agreement to supply its poker software to Finnish betting and gaming company Alands ...continued

  • Grosvenor UK Poker Tour

    by Lucy Rokach

    Apart from the first one held in Bolton, I've been to all of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) tournaments. I wanted to attend that one, as well, but after four phone calls, I gave up. Having never been to this particular venue, I thought I ...continued

  • The Regional Finals - Golden Sands Poker Festival, Here We Come!

    by Dave Brannan

    The May regional finals offered players their final chance to qualify for this year's National Final, and the weekend certainly did not disappoint. Alongside the incentive of a seat in the National Final, players at the Torquay, London, ...continued

  • Paddy's Corner

    by Padraig Parkinson

    For the love of the game I was a world-class soccer player as a teenager. A little unluckily, the world-class bit applied only to my enthusiasm. Due to a serious lack of communication between my brain and my limbs (which was later to extend to my ...continued

  • Cock-up

    by Roy Brindley

    Sham (adj./n.) imitation; counterfeit Mockery (n.) derision; travesty Farce (n.) comedy of boisterous humour; absurd and futile proceeding The choice of a key headline word has been agonising, so I've listed a few options to let you decide on the ...continued

  • Beyond Good and Evil

    by David Downing

    "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." It probably comes as no surprise to my regular readers that I am no poker fanboy. I have ...continued

  • Poker Authors Analyzed

    by Rolf Slotboom

    Editor's note: Card Player Europe Bureau Chief Rolf Slotboom has read just about every poker book available, and in this series of columns, he analyzes the work of several poker authors, one at a time. He analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of ...continued

  • Taxi for Wilson

    by 'Mad Marty' Wilson

    One of the great things about writing this column is that I get to put across my side of the story. For the past couple of months, I have been seen driving around the country in a black cab. The story to offer an explanation for this ended up being ...continued

  • Wimbledon 2007 - That Grass is Smokin'

    by Aidan Elder

    Sexist. Old-fashioned. Elitist. Utterly compelling. Plus, Cliff Richard is a massive fan, which gives you an uneasy feeling that you shouldn't be enjoying it. Wimbledon is drenched in history like ice cubes in a freshly poured glass of Pimms and ...continued

  • Royal Ascot

    by Noel Hayes

    Fifty-one weeks of the year, it is referred to as Ascot, but for one very special and spectacular week, racing folk dress in top hats and tails, bow to history, and welcome Royal Ascot. There are certain weeks in the year that stick close to the ...continued

  • Antepost

    Premiership Back Sunderland to finish above Birmingham in 2007-2008 season at 4/5 with Boyle Sports. No one outside of the big four - Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal - stands a chance at being in the race for the Premiership title come ...continued

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    Bellagio Cup III Championship Now a World Poker Tour Event Supersatellites Added to the Schedule By Bob Pajich Bellagio recently announced that its $10,000 buy-in event that's set to take place at this summer's Bellagio Cup III tournament ...continued