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Carlos Mortensen Vol. 20, No. 11 Card Player Magazine

Stacking Up Another Title

by Justin Marchand

Carlos Mortensen couldn't care less about being famous. When I pull up to his Summerlin home just outside Las Vegas on an 85-degree sunny morning, he's tuning up a collection of tough-looking four-wheelers and motorcycles that look like they're fresh out of Mad Max Beyond ...

  • The Inside Straight

    by CP The Inside Straight Authors

    Congresswoman Calls for Online Gambling Study Rep. Shelley Berkley's Bill Would Have National Academy of Sciences Conduct Study By Bob Pajich Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley recently introduced a bill that calls for the National Academy of ...continued

  • Bellagio Cup III: Bracelets and TV Time

    The summer season is the only time of the year when players can find more than 100 high-profile tournaments being played in Las Vegas within a month-and-a-half period. This year's summer season boasts 113 big buy-in tournaments to be held between ...continued

  • The Poker World is Flat

    by James McManus

    How flat is the poker world these days? As flat as the so-called Meadows of the Mojave Desert sprinklered into bloom by Las Vegans, or as the smogbound pavement of Los Angeles and the felt on the thousands of tables in its hangar-sized cardrooms. ...continued

  • Some World Series of Poker Predictions

    by Jeff Shulman

    It's World Series of Poker time again! For this issue, we asked most of our columnists to write about their WSOP experiences and offer advice to get you to the final table. I hope you enjoy it. There are probably a million crazy WSOP bets between ...continued

  • Early 1990s at the World Series of Poker

    by Phil Hellmuth

    In the early 1990s, I made a final table at the World Series of Poker in one of the no-limit hold'em events. I remember that I had the chip lead with about $110,000 in chips going to the final table. Unfortunately for me, I managed to play like a ...continued

  • A Crash Course to Winning the World Series of Poker $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. Event

    by Daniel Negreanu

    Obviously, with such a high price tag on the buy-in, most of you won't be playing in this very prestigious event. However, just because you aren't willing to pony up $50,000, that doesn't mean you should pass up a chance to be part of such ...continued

  • The World Series of Poker … Here We Go Again

    by Todd Brunson

    It seems like just yesterday that the World Series of Poker ended. I know that I still haven't completely recovered yet. Thank God that we still have … six … no, five … wait … damn! It's nearly time again? Ahhhhhh! I ...continued

  • World Series of Poker: Saddle Up for the Action

    by Roy Cooke

    Poker is an exercise in optimism. There is an arrogance - the presumption of success. We conquer anxieties and insecurities to take a shot, with a certain amount of bravado and confidence. We don't sit down at the green felt and plan to fail. We ...continued

  • When Not to Go All In

    by Barry Tanenbaum

    I love the World Series of Poker. That probably sounds strange to you if you know that I don't play tournaments. But, the side games are generally excellent, and the atmosphere of hundreds of players competing in final-table action, major events, ...continued

  • My First World Series of Poker

    by Bob Ciaffone

    I would like to tell you about the first time I played in the World Series of Poker championship event. But first, here's a little background. I took up playing no-limit hold'em back in August of 1978, at the age of 37. I had played an ...continued

  • Ace-to-Five Lowball at the World Series of Poker

    by Michael Wiesenberg

    The World Series of Poker is more than just no-limit hold'em. For a long time, one of the other games was ace-to-five lowball, "Southern California"-style. In this form of draw, players received five cards, followed by the first round of ...continued

  • PokerStars Caribbean Adventure - Part IV

    by Tom McEvoy

    When I last wrote of my tournament adventure in the Bahamas, we had just completed the fourth level of play and I had increased my starting stack of $20,000 to $25,000. At the start of the fifth round of play, the blinds were now $300-$600 with a $75 ...continued

  • Stay Fresh (Not a Maxipad Commercial)

    by Todd Arnold

    Ah, the 2007 World Series of Poker is almost here. That means booking my flight, packing, finding a place to stay, choosing which events I will play, getting my head clear, cleaning, covering, and storing my cars, making sure my puppies are well taken ...continued

  • Memories From the World Series of Poker - Part I

    by Steve Zolotow

    Inasmuch as the World Series of Poker is set to begin, I thought I would try to recall a few of my more memorable moments of it from the early years. I first started coming out to the World Series of Poker in the mid-'70s. I'm not sure which ...continued

  • World Series Advice

    by Eric Lynch

    I get asked a lot of questions about last year's World Series of Poker experience. As you may or may not know, last year was my first trip to the World Series of Poker, and I was fortunate enough to go very deep in two of the four events I ...continued

  • Running Bad on the Tournament Circuit and Preparing for the World Series of Poker

    by Shannon Shorr

    The first one-third of 2007 has been a miserable one for me in live poker tournaments. I have played in several main events and preliminary events, and have been able to score only four cashes, with none of them being more than $15,000. While this is ...continued

  • A Final Word on the F-Bomb

    by Mike O Malley

    Earlier this year, I wrote a follow-up column about the "F-Bomb" rule, which penalizes someone for using foul language. Although I do support the rule, I believe it isn't being enforced properly at many tournaments. My comments in my ...continued

  • Learning Efficiently - Part III

    by Alan Schoonmaker

    My previous columns discussed learning about theory, strategy, and your opponents. Now I'll cover the most important learning: developing self-awareness. You may doubt its importance, but it dramatically affects your results. Do you: • Play ...continued