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Pennsylvania Online Gambling Bill Introduced

State Could Join Nevada, New Jersey And Delaware


Pennsylvania took a big step this week toward a possible future of Internet gambling.

A bill was introduced that would allow existing gambling facilities in the state to offer a wide-array of casino games, including poker. Technology firms outside of the state could come in and partner with land-based businesses. This arrangement has become the norm in the U.S. web gaming idea.

The bill was introduced Monday by a dozen lawmakers. It was referred to the Committee on Gaming Oversight. Rep. Tina Davis announced in January that she would introduce the bill in this legislative session.

In order to eventually begin an intrastate industry, Pennsylvania gaming regulators would have to draft rules for the industry. Technology testing would need to be conducted as well, as Internet gambling is a new terrain for the domestic casino industry.

Pennsylvania has about 12.7 million people.

House Bill No. 1235 would establish a tax rate of 28 percent.

Pennsylvania is now the second most lucrative casino market in the country, recently taking over New Jersey, which has a struggling Atlantic City. New Jersey legalized online gambling earlier this year.

In addition to New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have legal online poker.

Online poker in the United States has largely been absent since April 15, 2011, known as Black Friday.

For more news and tournament info from Pennsylvania, check out its state page.



over 1 year ago

I don't expect this bill to pass considering its represented by Tina Davis who seems to know nothing about online poker. A while back a article was done and it showed her stupidity toward the subject.


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