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Poker Strategy With Jonathan Little: Folding Pocket Kings Preflop In A World Poker Tour Event

by Jonathan Little | Published: Nov 26, '19

… he was not going to fold to an all-in, so … -Q and A-K may fold, meaning I only get called … tend to be unable to fold hands they perceive to be strong. While I essentially never fold K-K preflop (because if …

WATCH: Daniel Negreanu Gets Away Cheap After Soul Read In World Series Of Poker Main Event

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Jul 05, '19

Over the years, Daniel Negreanu has earned a reputation for his ability to read other players. A simple search on YouTube produces numerous examples from his time on televised cash games and tournaments. On Thursday, the six-time bracelet winner added …

John Juanda Gets Bluffed Off Quads In High-Stakes Poker Tournament, Goes On To Win Title

by Erik Fast | Published: May 16, '19

… poker pro made the wrong fold, as his opponent was bluffing … hand. He ultimately decided to fold his hand to Sergey Lebedev … !! Sergey Lebedev makes John Juanda fold Quads holding just a King …

WATCH: Poker Player Makes Incredible Fold With Set Of Kings At WPT Final Table

by Brian Pempus | Published: Mar 07, '18

… McKeehen thanks to an incredible fold. Check out the hand:

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Magazine Article Results

Avoid This Massive Blunder

by Jonathan Little |  Published: May 01, '24

… and Hero bet $40 into the $107 pot. Herofold, leaving only A J in the opponent’s range. Hero called. The turn was the 5, improving Hero to a flush. Hero checked. Hero’s … A, making Hero’s hand much worse. Hero led …

Seven Card Stud: A Marginal Situation

by Kevin Haney |  Published: May 01, '24

… anyone left to act would fold something better. If getting reraised … concerning matter. On third street, Hero needs to put in another … example, would our opponent possibly fold or just call with hands … Overall, it appears unlikely that Hero may be over-folding …

Final Table Takedown: Dan Lowery Captures 15th WSOP Circuit Ring

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 03, '24

… could fold a couple hands that beat me, as well as hero … ,900,000. CT: Did he fold right away? DL: Not at …

Stop Slowplaying!

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Mar 20, '24

… the opponent to play cautiously. Hero decided to call and … raiser folded. At this point, Hero is almost certainly against … hand or a draw. While Hero cannot fold (because he beats K … a straight, instead resulting in Hero losing his entire stack. Especially …

Being A Bully

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Mar 06, '24

… think your opponent will never fold top pair, calling with the … sense. Hero’s only options are to raise or fold. Hero must now assess whether or not the opponent will fold … call while others will always fold. If you are confident your …

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