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Buy-In: $1,000 + $100
Prize Pool: $357,930
Entrants: 369

$1,100 Main Event ($300K Guarantee)

  • May 24, '13 - May 29, '13


Updates on Final Day (May 29, 13)


Thomas Beckstead Wins The 2013 Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Casino Main Event ($102,010)

Thomas Beckstead raised to 450,000 from the button and Nichoel Jurgens reraised to 950,000. Beckstead moved all-in and Jurgens called with the ASpade Suit6Diamond Suit.

Beckstead flipped up the JHeart SuitJClub Suit and he was a favorite to win the title, as he just barely had Jurgens covered.

The board ran out KDiamond Suit9Diamond Suit6Spade Suit5Diamond Suit8Club Suit and Beckstead’s pocket jacks held up, securing him the title, the first-place prize of $102,010.

For her runner-up finish Jurgens earned $52,110.

Here is a look at the complete payouts and POY points awarded at this final table:

Place Player Earnings POY Points
1 Thomas Beckstead $102,010 600
2 Nichoel Jurgens $52,110 500
3 Rubin Chappell $34,900 400
4 Ho Shin Lee $24,340 300
5 Alan Myerson $14,460 250
6 Pogos Simityan $12,525 200
7 William M $10,735 150
8 Zaher Samaan $9,050 100
9 Stan Hackett $7,600 50

Level and Color Up

The blinds are up for level 33 to 100,000 – 200,000 with an ante of 25,000. The blue 5,000 chips have been raced off.


Beckstead Doubles Up With Broadway

Thomas Beckstead raised on the button to 300,000 and Nichoel Jurgens called.

The flop brought the AClub SuitKDiamond Suit3Spade Suit and both players checked.

The QClub Suit hit, Jurgens checked and Beckstead bet 350,000. Jurgens called and the 10Diamond Suit came on the river and Jurgens once again checked.

Beckstead announced all-in. Jurgens asked for a count. The total all-in was for 1,705,000. Jurgens eventually made the call, and Beckstead rolled over the JDiamond Suit10Heart Suit for the broadway straight.

Jurgens mucked her hand and Beckstead rebuilt his stack to 4,770,000. Jurgens maintained the lead but fell to 6,300,000.


Jurgens Keeps Winning Small Pots

Heads-upBeckstead raised from the button to 300,000 and Jurgens called from the big blind.

The flop brought the ADiamond SuitASpade SuitJClub Suit and Jurgens checked. Beckstead bet 325,000 and Jurgens called.

The turn brought the 10Heart Suit and both players checked.

The river was the 4Diamond Suit and once again both players checked.

Jurgens showed down the JDiamond Suit9Club Suit and raked in the pot. Beckstead is now short enough to be open-shoving preflop, which he has done a number of times.


A Back And Forth Battle

After falling behind Thomas Beckstead by a 2-1 margin, Nichoel Jurgens began to mount her comeback.

Jurgens raised on the button to 240,000 and Beckstead reraised to 575,000. Jurgens called and the flop was the JHeart Suit JSpade Suit 9Diamond Suit.

Both players checked and the turn was the 8Diamond Suit. Beckstead bet 530,000 and Jurgens called.

The river was the 5Club Suit and both players checked and Jurgens took down the pot with 9Heart Suit 8Spade Suit.

The very next hand, Beckstead raised preflop with A-K and Jurgens saw a flop with 10Diamond Suit 8Diamond Suit.

Both players checked to the turn on a board reading 10Heart Suit 9Heart Suit 3Heart Suit 2Spade Suit, where Jurgens bet 400,000. Beckstead called and the river was the 3Club Suit.

Jurgens went for value again, betting 700,000. Beckstead called and Jurgens retook the chip lead.


Level 32 And Chip Count Update

Blinds have increased to 75,000 / 150,000 with a 25,000 ante for level 32. From this point on, the blind levels have been shortened to 30 minute increments.

Here is a look at the chip counts after the first stretch of heads-up play:

Nichoel Jurgens: 8.6 million
Thomas Beckstead: 2.5 million

Jurgens has been able to pull away by quietly winning a number of small to medium sized pots heads-up.


Heads-Up Play

Play continues without a break, with the stacks fairly close at the beginning of heads-up play.


Rubin Chappell Eliminated In 3rd Place ($34,900)

Rubin Chappell Rubin Chappell raised to 260,000 from the button with the ADiamond Suit6Diamond Suit and Nichoel Jurgens moved all-in with the 5Heart Suit5Club Suit, having Chappell covered.

The board ran out 10Heart Suit8Heart Suit4Club Suit2Diamond Suit and Chappell was eliminated from the tournament in third place, taking home $34,900 for his deep run. With this pot Jurgens has built her stack roughly even with her heads-up opponent Thomas Beckstead.

Player Tags: Nichoel Jurgens,   Rubin Chappell

Level 31

Blinds have gone up to 60,000 – 120,000 with a 20,000 ante for level 31, meaning that short stack Rubin Chappell has just over 12 big blinds, while chip leader Thomas Beckstead has just over 52 big blinds.


Chip Counts On The Break

The remaining three players are on a fifteen minute break after Thomas Beckstead took down a sizable pot on the last hand of the level.

Here is a look at their chip counts on the break:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Thomas Beckstead 6,250,000
2 Nichoel Jurgens 3,350,000
3 Rubin Chappell 1,470,000
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