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Buy-In: $20,000
Prize Pool: $1,500,000
Entrants: 64

NBC Heads Up Championship Event

  • Mar 05, '10 - Mar 07, '10


Updates on Final Day (Mar 07, 10)


Annie Duke Wins NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship ($500,000)

Annie DukeErik Seidel had Annie Duke all in as the underdog as his ADiamond SuitKDiamond Suit went up against her QDiamond Suit9Diamond Suit. The board brought a queen and suddenly, Duke had the massive chip lead.

Down to his last few big blinds, Seidel made his final move with AHeart Suit2Club Suit only to run into Duke’s 9Spade Suit9Heart Suit. The board fell 8Heart Suit7Club Suit6Heart Suit5Diamond Suit8Spade Suit and Duke made a straight to earn the victory.

Seidel earns $250,000 for his runner-up finish. Duke takes home $500,000 and the title of 2010 NBC National Heads Up Poker Champion.

Bracket Contest

Here is a look at the Card Player Bracket Contest final standings. Included is the entrant’s name, score and predicted winner.

Note: Out of nearly 700 entrants, not a single person predicted that Annie Duke would win this tournament.

1. B Mark Rosen — 83 (Erik Seidel)
2. Carrie McBride — 61 (Antonio Esfandiari)
3. James Slusher — 60 (Erik Seidel)
4. Mike Gardner — 59 (Erik Seidel)
5. Richard McGraw — 57 (Erick Lindgren)
T6. Randy Belen — 56 (Allen Cunningham)
T6. Dan Zogman — 56 (Erik Seidel)
8. Tony Ciora — 54 (Erik Seidel)
T9. Charles Lamb — 53 (Chris Moneymaker)
T9. Dan Ross — 53 (Andy Bloch)

Player Tags: Erik Seidel,   Annie Duke

Match 2 -- Erik Seidel Wins

Erik SeidelEverything that went right for Annie Duke in the first match went wrong for her in the second. Erik Seidel quickly built up a large lead and never let up. It was just a matter of time before Duke was all in.

She decided on KHeart Suit5Diamond Suit and Seidel was priced in with 8Spade Suit7Heart Suit. The board gave him a straight when it fell 9Club Suit6Heart Suit4Heart Suit5Heart Suit9Spade Suit and Seidel won the match.

We’re going to take a 15 minute break and begin match 3, where the winner will take it all.

Player Tags: Erik Seidel,   Annie Duke

Match 1 -- Annie Duke Wins

Annie DukeAnnie Duke quickly started off match 1 in the hole against Erik Seidel, but she stormed back to a big lead thanks to countless value bets and relentless pressure on her opponent.

Seidel was back into a corner and was forced to commit the rest of his stack with 8Spade Suit6Spade Suit on a flop of KSpade SuitJSpade Suit7Diamond Suit.

Duke made the easy call with ASpade SuitKDiamond Suit and it held when the turn and river fell JHeart SuitAHeart Suit. Duke now leads 1-0 in the finals. If she wins the next match, she will be the champion.

Player Tags: Erik Seidel,   Annie Duke

Shuffle Up and Deal!

The finalists are set and ready to begin. Each player will start with 640,000 in chips and the blinds will begin at 3,000-6,000 and increase every 15 minutes.

The first player to win two matches will take down the title and the $500,000 first-place prize. Shuffle up and deal!


Finals -- Annie Duke vs. Erik Seidel

NBC Heads-UpThe Finals are set! Annie Duke will now face off against Erik Seidel in the Championship match. The runner-up will take home $250,000 and the winner will receive a $500,000 payday.

The action is scheduled to get underway in the next 30 minutes or so. Be sure to keep your browsers locked on to see who walks away with the title.


Erik Seidel Defeats Scotty Nguyen ($125,000)

Scotty NguyenErik Seidel moved all in on a board reading 10-9-5-7-9 and Scotty Nguyen (pictured left) made the call with K-9 for trips.

Seidel showed 9-7 for a full house and each player’s stack was counted down before it was discovered that Seidel had him covered. Seidel advances to the finals and will take on good friend Annie Duke.

Player Tags: Scotty Nguyen,   Erik Seidel

Annie Duke Defeats Dennis Phillips ($125,000)

Dennis PhillipsAfter the blinds had reached the point where both players had just over 10 big blinds, Dennis Phillips (pictured left) made his final push with ADiamond Suit8Spade Suit and Annie Duke made the call with pocket sevens.

The board fell 9Diamond Suit3Diamond Suit2Heart Suit6Club Suit4Heart Suit and Phillips was eliminated. Duke advances to the final match to face the winner between Erik Seidel and Scotty Nguyen.

Player Tags: Annie Duke,   Dennis Phillips

Final Four -- Shuffle Up and Deal!

The Final Four participants are all set and ready to begin. Shuffle up and deal!


Final Four Set

The final four is set to begin at 4:00 p.m. PST. Be sure to check back then to see who advances to the finals.

Annie Duke vs. Dennis Phillips
Erik Seidel vs. Scotty Nguyen


Annie Duke Defeats Jerry Yang ($75,000)

Jerry YangAnnie Duke had Jerry Yang (pictured right) all in with the best hand three times and yet never closed it out.

Finally, on the last hand, Yang shoved with JDiamond Suit3Heart Suit and Duke called with AHeart Suit8Club Suit. The board came ADiamond SuitJClub Suit2Spade Suit10Spade Suit9Heart Suit and Yang was eliminated.

Duke advances to face Dennis Phillips in the Final Four.

Player Tags: Annie Duke,   Jerry Yang
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