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Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $869,400
Entrants: 644

Event 27 - $1,500 Seven Card Stud 8 or Better

  • Jun 14, '10 - Jun 16, '10


Updates on Final Day (Jun 16, 10)


Final Table Update: David Warga Wins Event No. 27

Blinds: 15,000 ante, 20,000 bring-in, 60,000-120,000 limits

Players Left: 1 out of 644

Notable Eliminations:

2. Maxwell Troy — $129,253

Big Hands:

David WargaDavid Warga Wins Event No. 27 ($208,682), Maxwell Troy Eliminated In Second Place ($129,253)

Maxwell Troy started heads-up play at a 5-1 chip disadvantage and it proved too much too overcome. He was all in on third street against David Warga and here were there boards:

Warga: (6Spade Suit5Spade SuitJDiamond Suit)3Diamond Suit6Diamond Suit7Spade Suit7Club Suit
Troy: (JHeart Suit7Diamond Suit10Heart Suit9Heart Suit10Club Suit3Heart SuitKClub Suit

Troy could only find a pair of tens on the last hand and they were beaten by Warga’s two pair, sevens and sixes, and Warga secured his second career WSOP bracelet.

Player Tags: David Warga,   Maxwell Troy

Final Table Update: Karina Jett Eliminated In 4th Place, Levi 3rd

Blinds: 10,000 ante, 10,000 bring-in, 40,000-80,000 limits

Players Left: 2 out of 644

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. David Warga – 2,300,000
2. Maxwell Troy – 300,000

Average Stack: 966,000

Notable Eliminations:

4. Karina Jett — $60,588
3. David Levi — $87,400

Big Hands:

Karina JettKarina Jett Eliminated In Fourth Place ($60,588)

Once a 2-1 chip leader at the final table, Karina Jett found herself with a severe short stack. She managed to hang on, doubling up a few times but she finally ran into Maxwell Troy. Here were their boards:

Jett: 9Spade Suit8Spade Suit8Diamond SuitADiamond SuitJClub Suit7Club Suit7Diamond Suit
Troy: QDiamond SuitQClub Suit3Diamond Suit7Spade SuitKSpade Suit5Heart SuitKClub Suit

Jett made two pair but Troy’s kings and queens were better and Jett made her way to the exit.

David LeviDavid Levi Eliminated In Third Place ($87,400)

David Levi was all in for his last 100,000 on third street against chip-leader David Warga.

Levi started with a pair of tens and hit two pair on fifth street when he paired threes. But Warga hit two pair of his own, KClub SuitKDiamond Suit5Spade Suit5Diamond Suit.

Levi could not squeeze out his miracle on seventh street and he was eliminated.

Player Tags: David Levi,   David Warga,   Karina Jett,   Maxwell Troy

Final Table Update: Chris Tryba Eliminated In 7th Place, Bascom 6th Place, George 5th

Blinds: 7,000 ante, 10,000 bring-in, 30,000-60,000 limits

Players Left: 4 out of 644

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. David Levi – 655,000
2. Maxwell Troy – 655,000
3. David Warga – 500,000
4. Karina Jett – 400,000

Average Stack: 579,600

Notable Eliminations:

7. Chris Tryba — $22,926
6. Jonathan Bascom — $31,046
5. Christopher George — $42,913

Big Hands:

Chris TrybaChris Tryba Eliminated In Seventh Place ($22,926)

Chris Tryba found himself all in after fifth street against Christopher George. Here is how their boards ran out:

Tryba: (8Club Suit3Spade SuitQHeart Suit)6Spade Suit3Club Suit10Spade Suit10Diamond Suit
George: (9Club Suit9Diamond Suit9Heart Suit)4Spade Suit8Heart Suit7Spade SuitAHeart Suit

Tryba made two pair on sixth street only to have George catch a third nine on seventh street and Tryba made his way to the rail.

Jonathan BascomJonathan Bascom Eliminated In Sixth Place ($31,046)

Jonathan Bascom was all in on third street against Maxwell Troy and David Warga. Troy eventually bet Warga out and isolated the all-in Bascom. Here were their boards:

Bascom: (AHeart SuitQSpade Suit10Diamond Suit)3Diamond Suit8Diamond Suit5Heart Suit10Club Suit
Troy: (KClub SuitKHeart Suit6Spade Suit)3Spade Suit6Heart Suit6Diamond SuitAClub Suit

Troy started with kings in the hole and improved to a full house, easily defeating Bascom’s pair of tens. There was no low hand and Bascom was eliminated.

Christopher GeorgeChristopher George Eliminated In Fifth Place ($42,913)

Christopher George was all in by fifth street and was up against David Levi and Karina Jett. Here were their boards:

Levi: (2Diamond Suit2Heart SuitKSpade Suit)4Heart Suit8Spade Suit8Club SuitADiamond Suit
George: (2Club Suit5Spade Suit8Diamond Suit)AHeart Suit2Spade SuitJSpade Suit10Spade Suit
Jett: 3Heart Suit6Diamond Suit4Diamond SuitJHeart Suit(muck)

Levi and Jett continued betting on the side, but Jett could not defeat Levi’s two pair and mucked. George could not get his fifth spade and was sent to the rail.


Final Table Update: Allen Bari Eliminated In 8th Place

Blinds: 5,000 ante, 5,000 bring-in, 20,000-40,000 limits

Players Left: 7 out of 644

Tournament Leaderboard:

1. Karina Jett – 985,000
2. Maxwell Troy – 460,000
3. David Warga – 445,000
4. Christopher George – 355,000
5. David Levi – 175,000
6. Jonathan Bascom – 140,000
7. Chris Tryba – 100,000

Average Stack: 414,000

Notable Eliminations:

8. Allen Bari — $17,274

Big Hands:

Allen BariAllen Bari Eliminated In Eighth Place ($17,274)

Allen Bari completed to 20,000 and Karina Jett raised to 40,000. Bari called and did the same on fourth street when Jett bet 20,000.

Bari then led on fifth street and was called. Jett did the betting on sixth and seventh and Bari called each time, the last time for his final 15,000 in chips.

When the hands were revealed, neither player had much of anything but Jett scooped the pot with just ace-high and an 8-6 low to beat Bari’s 8-7 low and Bari was sent to the rail.

Player Tags: Karina Jett,   Allen Bari

Final Table Set

The final table is set for event no. 27 ($1,500 Seven-Card Stud 8-or-better). The day started with 23 players and it took just about five hours to get down to the official final table of eight.

Here are their seating assignments:

Seat 1: David Warga
Seat 2: Christopher George
Seat 3: Chris Tryba
Seat 4: Maxwell Troy
Seat 5: Allen Bari
Seat 6: Karina Jett
Seat 7: Jonathan Bascom
Seat 8: David Levi

Here are the chip counts:

1. Maxwell Troy – 755,000
2. David Levi – 565,000
3. Karina Jett – 450,000
4. Christopher George – 400,000
5. Chris Tryba – 215,000
6. Allen Bari – 170,000
7. David Warga – 145,000
8. Jonathan Bascom – 140,000

Stay tuned to for all of the elimination hands from this final table.


Final Day Begins at 3:00 PST

23 players remain out of the 644 that entered the tournament.

The average chip stack is 126,000.

The field reached the money yesterday. 22nd place will make $5,607, with first place taking home $208,682

Notables still remaining include David Levi, Katrina Jett, Blair Rodman, Kevin MacPhee and Brandon Cantu. David Levi is near the top of the chip counts.

Player Twitter Accounts:

Brandon Cantu

Action will conclude with a winner.

Stay tuned to Card Player for action from the Rio!

Here are the chip counts heading to the final day:

1 Maxwell Troy 430,000
2 Christopher George 375,000
3 David Levi 216,000
4 Karina Jett 187,000
5 Allyn Marshall 150,000
6 David Warga 138,000
7 Kevin MacPhee 138,000
8 Jonathan Bascom 138,000
9 Michael Foti 137,000
10 Blair Rodman 117,000
11 Odette Tremblay 112,000
12 Robert Campbell 110,000
13 Scott Lake 105,000
14 Allen Bari 98,000
15 Jason Estock 89,000
16 Christopher Tryba 68,000
17 Thomas Hunt 62,000
18 Regis Burlot 57,000
19 Topias Wahlbeck 52,000
20 Brandon Cantu 50,000
21 Dennis Seagle 44,000
22 Bonnie Damiano Leinhos 38,000
23 James Richburg 23,000
Player Tags: David Levi
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