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Buy-In: $1,820 + $180
Prize Pool: $2,897,440
Entrants: 1592

Event 7 - No-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 04, '08 - Jun 06, '08


Updates on Final Day (Jun 06, 08)


Matt Keikoan Wins Event No. 7 ($550,601)

Matt Keikoan Wins Event No. 7 ($550,601)
Matt Keikoan
Matt Keikoan started Level 24 (20,000-40,000 w/5,000) with a monster chip lead of 7:1 over Shannon Shorr, Keikoan at 5,600,000 to Shorr's 800,000. Matt Keikoan came out firing and set the tone right then and there by moving in against Shorr on the first three hands of Level 24. Shorr played cautiously for few minutes before reverting back to his old ways. Suddenly it turned into an all-in shove fest from the button, and for the next 16 hands, despite an accidental limp-check to a single flop, both Keikoan and Shorr took turns open-shoving from their button while the other player folded. It was madness I tell you, pure madness until Shannon Shorr moved all in from the button for the last time when Matt Keikoan decided to pick his spot with king-high and make the call.

Shorr: 106
Keikoan: K5
Board: K77QK

Keikoan flopped top pair with another pair on board, reducing Shorr to going runner-runner for a shot at this bracelet. No help on the turn and Shorr was drawing dead on the river. Shannon Shorr is eliminated in 2nd place ($349,141) while it is Matt Keikoan who gets the gold bracelet and the lion's share ($550,601) of the prizepool.

Player Tags: Matt Keikoan,   Shannon Shorr

Hour 6 - Matt Keikoan Takes Control

Blinds/Antes: 20,000-40,000 with a 5,000 ante (Level 23)

Players Left:

Chips Counts:
Matt Keikoan: 5,665,000
Shannon Shorr: 700,000

Big Hands:

Matt KeikoanMatt Keikoan and Shannon Shorr started heads-up play with 3,800,000 and 2,600,00, respectively.

Heads-up play thus far has been rather slow, Shannon Shorr still playing extremely aggressive from the short stack while Matt Keikoan seems to prefer more of a small-pot style of poker. There has been a lot of pre-flop raises and uncontested flops causing a relatively stagnant pace in respect to chips being thrown around.

Matt Keikoan Turns Up the Heat

Shannon Shorr completed from the small blind and Matt Keikoan checked his option. The flop came K42, and Keikoan checked to Shorr who bet 45,000. Keikoan raised to 270,000 and Shorr called. The turn was the 7, Keikoan bet 300,000 and Shorr thinks for a minute before folding. After that hand, Keikoan moved up to over 5,000,000 while Shorr dropped down to 1,200,000.

With almost a 5:1 chip lead over Shorr, Keikoan  quickly turned up the heat, putting Shorr to a decision for all of his chips on many occasions, focring Shorr to slow down and think twice before raising the pot.

Player Tags: Matt Keikoan,   Shannon Shorr

Hour 5 - Carter Gill Eliminated in 3rd Place ($228,897), Now Playing Heads-Up

Blinds/Antes: 15,000-30,000 with a 4,000 ante (Level 22)

Players Left:

Chip Counts:
Matt Keikoan: 3,800,000
Shannon Shorr: 2,600,000

Carter Gill Eliminated in 3rd Place ($228,897)

Big Hands:

Matt Keikoan Doubles Through  Carter Gill

In a three-way limped pot, the flop came 963 and Matt Keikoan bet 75,000. Shannon Shorr made the call and Carter Gill raised to 225,000. Keikoan reraised to 475,000 and Shorr quickly threw his hand away. Gill came over the top for a second time and moved all in. Keikoan called all in, Gill had him covered. Gill turned over JJ for the overpair while Keiokan showed 66 for middle set. The turn and river brought the 4 and the Q, as Matt Keikoan doubled up and crippled one of his opponents at the same time.

Carter GillCarter Gill Eliminated in 3rd Place ($228,897)

Carter Gill raised to 170,000 from the button and both Matt Keikoan and Shannon Shorr called from the blinds. At this point, Gill had less than one small blind behind his cards. The flop came KQ4, and Keikoan bet 100,000. Shorr called the bet while Gill called all in for his last 12,000. the dealer pushed 176,000 into the sidepot. The turn was the 2 and Keikoan bet 350,000, causing Shorr to fold his hand and winning the sidepot on the turn. The two remaining players turn up their hands.

Gill: 86
Keikoan: AK

Keikeon hit top pair on the flop  while Gill made a flush draw. Any heart and Carter Gill triples up, but the river was 4 , eliminating Carter Gill in 3rd place ($228,897).

Player Tags: Matt Keikoan,   Shannon Shorr,   Carter Gill

Hour 4 - Theo Tran Eliminated in 4th place ($191,231)

Blinds/Antes: 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000 ante (Level 21)

Players Left: 4

Chip Counts:
Shannon Shorr: 2,979,000
Carter Gill: 1,935,000
Matt Keikoan: 1,260,000

Theo Tran Eliminated in 4th place ($191,231)

Big Hands:

Matt KeikoanChop Pot (Tran and Keikoan) Tran Freerolling the Turn, Can't Get There

Depending on how this final table eventually plays out, this all in chopped pot between Theo Tran and Matt Keikoan could very well prove to be a pivotal moment in the tournament.

Shannon Shorr raised to 67,000 and both Matt Keikoan and Theo Tran called from the small blind and the big blind, respectively. The flop came A43, and all three players checked around. The turn was the 2 and Tran bet 80,000. Shorr called and Keikoan raised to 405,000. Tran moved all in, Shorr folded, and Keiokoan called. Tran turned over 75 for the wheel and Keikoan showed 75 for the same hand. Tran was however freerolling to a club flush on the turn, and with Keikoan all in and $2 million pot at stake, a club on the river could all but lock this thing up for Tran against a novice Carter Gill and a short stacked Shannon Shorr. The river was the 3 and Tran failed to eliminate Keikoan as both players chopped the pot.

Shannon Shorr Playing Aggressive From the Short Stack, It Pays Off

Shannon Shorr came back from the break with just about 450,000 in chips and immediately came out firing, winning four out of the first five hands with uncontested raises. Since then, Shorr has gone on to take down eleven of the next twenty-two hands for a Level 21 win ratio of 50%. His unbridled aggression has seemingly paid off, and since the break Shorr has doubled his chip stack from just under 450,000 to now just over 900,000, playing small pot poker, and winning almost every hand he's played.

Shannon Shorr Doubles Through Theo TranShannon Shorr

Shannon Shorr's aggressive behavior does not end with Level 21, in fact, Shorr went on to double up through chip leader Theo Tran in the first hand of Level 22 (15,000-30,000 with a 4,000 ante).

Theo Tran raised to 70,000 beofre the flop and Shannon Shorr made the call. The flop came K74, and both players checked. The turn was the 3 and Tran bet out 105,000. Shorr raised to 275,000 and Tran called. The river brought the J and Tran checked to the raiser. Shorr moved all in for roughly 900,000 and Tran tanked for what seemed like an eternity. Tran ultimately made the call and shipped almost a million chips over to Shorr's side of the table after Shorr turned up 77 for middle set.

Theo TranTheo Tran Eliminated in 4th Place ($191,231)

Matt Keikoan raised to 75,000 and Theo Tran called from the button. Carter Gill raised to 380,000 from the big blind and Keikoan kicked it in. Tran tanked for a minute before moving all in. Gill called.

Tran: 77
Gill: JJ
Board: K42K5

With no help on the flop, Theo Tran, who held the chip lead for almost the entire event had his tournament life on the line with only two outs in the deck that could save him. No seven on the turn and river meant that Theo tran was eliminated in 4th place ($191,231).

Player Tags: Matt Keikoan,   Shannon Shorr,   Theo Tran,   Carter Gill

Hour 3 - Chris Bjorin 6th ($123,141), Mahai Manole 5th ($155,013)

Note: Players have just returned from break to Level 21 with increased blinds of 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Blinds/Antes: 10,000-20,000 with a 3,000 ante (Level 20)

Players Left: 4

Chip Counts:
Theo Tran: 2,807,000
Carter Gill: 1,395,000
Matt Keikoan: 1,085,000
Shannon Shorr: 446,000

Chris Bjorin Eliminated in 6th Place ($123,141)
Mihai Manole Eliminated in 5th place ($155,013)

Big Hands:

Chris BjorinChris Bjorin Eliminated in 6th place ($123,141)

A desperately short stacked Chris Bjorin moved all in from under the gun for his last 61,000. Both Mihai Manole and Carter Gill made the call. The flop came Q105, and Manole and Gill check. The turn was the 9 and both players check once again. The river brought the 8 and still there is no action. With no side pot, all three players turned up their hands.

Bjorin: K9
Manole: 64
Gill: 76

Bjorin unknowingly held the lead going into the river where Carter Gill peeled off an eight for the inside straight. Gill raked the pot while Bjorin was sent home in 6th place, earning $123,141 for his efforts.

Mahai ManoleMihai Manole Eliminated in 5th place ($155,013)

Theo Tran raised to 60,000 from under the gun and the action folded around to Mihai Manole who reraised to 160,000 from the small blind. Tran made the call and the flop came 853. Manole bet 150,000 and Tran raised to 350,000. Manole reraised all in and Tran made a quick call. Manole turned over A8 for  top pair, top kicker while Tran showed 55 for middle set. The turn brought the 10 and Manole was drawing dead to an inconsequential river card (Q). Mihai Manole was eliminated in 5th place ($155,013) while chip leader Theo Tran raked what was surely the biggest pot of the night thus far.

Player Tags: Chris Bjorin,   Theo Tran,   Mihai Manole,   Carter Gill

Hour 2 - J.C. Tran Eliminated in 7th place ($94,166)

Blinds/Antes: 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante (Level 19)

Players Left: 6

Chip Counts:
Theo Tran: 2,600,000
Matt Keikoan: 1,210,000
Mahai Manole: 830,000
Carter Gill: 810,000
Shannon Shorr: 299,000
Chris Bjorin: 130,000

J.C. Tran Eliminated in 7th place ($94,166)

Big Hands:

Shannor Shorr Doubles Through Mihai Manole

Mihai Manole raised to 42,000 from early position and Matt Keikoan called from the button. Theo Tran also called from the small blind and Shannon Shorr went into the tank. Shorr eventually moved all in for just under 200,000, Keikoan and Tran fold, Manole made the call.

Shorr: KK
Manole: 77
Board: k94104

Shorr flopped top set, reducing Manole to catching two running sevens or a backdoor flush. Shorr's kings held up and he doubled to more than 400,000 this hand.

J.C. Tran Doubles Through Shannon Shorr

The very next hand after doubling through Mahai Manole, Shannon Shorr reraised to 143,000 from the small blind after J.C. Tran open-raised to 40,000 from late position. After a minute of deliberation, Tran moved all in for 222,000 and Shorr called.

Tran: KQ
Shorr: 65
Board: 9942Q

J.C. Tran made a pair of queens on the river to double up to slightly less than 500,000.

J.C. TranJ.C. Tran Eliminated in 7th Place ($94,166)

J.C. Tran came in for a 55,000 raise from late position and Carter Gill reraised to 135,000 from the button. Tran came over the top and shoved all in for a total of just over 400,000. Gill called.

Tran: 1010
Gill: KK
Board: 87322

The board offered no help to either player as J.C. Tran was eliminated in 7th place ($94,166).


Player Tags: J.C. Tran,   Shannon Shorr,   Theo Tran

Hour 1 - Mike Lisanti 9th ($50,705), Alex Bolotin 8th ($72,436)

Blinds/Antes: 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante (Level 19)

Players Left: 7

Chip Counts:
Theo Tran:  260,000
Matt keikoan: 1,290,000
Mihai Manole: 1,130,000
Carter Gill: 640,000
Shannon Shorr: 360,000
J.C. Tran: 275,000
Chris Bjorin: 165,000

Mike Lisanti Eliminated in 9th Place ($50,705)
Alex Bolotin Eliminated in 8th Place ($72,436) 

Big Hands:

J.C. Tran Doubles Through Alex Bolotin

Just over thirty minutes into the final table and we had our first big hand when J.C. Tran moved all in for just over 100,000 from middle position. Alex Bolotin came over the top to isolate for roughly 200,000, and everyone else folded.

Tran: Q9
Bolotin: AJ
Board: 75393

Tran paired his nine on the turn and doubled up to just over 250,000 including the blinds and antes.

Mike LisantiMike Lisanti Eliminated in 9th Place ($50,705)

Matt Keikoan raised to 41,000 from under the gun and Shannon Shorr called behind him. Mike Lisanti moved all in for a little more than 275,000 and Keikoan called while Shorr called.

Lisanti: AK
Keikoan: KK
Board: 984JJ

The board offered no help to Lisanti who was eliminated in 9th place ($50,705).

Alex Bolotin

Alex Bolotin Eliminated in 8th Place ($72,436)

J.C. Tran raised to 42,000 from the cutoff position when Alex Bolotin moved all in from the button. Theo Tran made the call while and J.C. Tran folded.

Bolotin: 99
T. Tran: AJ
Board: AQ7J6

Theo Tran flopped top pair, trumping Bolotin's nines and sending him home in 8th place ($72,436).



Player Tags: J.C. Tran,   Theo Tran,   Alex Bolotin

Shuffle Up and Deal - Final Table

The cards are finally in the air for the Event 7 ($2,000 NLHE) final table. Play has resumed with 8 minutes and 23 seconds left in Level 18 with blinds of 6,000-12,000 with a 1,000 ante. Be sure to check back with for hourly updates at the end of each level.


Final Table - Late Start

The final table for Event 7 ($2,000 NLHE) was scheduled to start at 2 p.m. this afternoon, but following in the same tradition as every other final table thus far,  we're looking a fairly late start here.  We'll be sure to update the status of this final table just as soon as the cards are in the air.


Final Table Bios

Event 7 $2,000 NLHE

Total Entrants: 1,592

Prizepool: 2,899,260

Level: 18 ( 8 minutes left)

Blinds/Antes: 6,000 - 12, 000 with a 1,00 ante

Players Left: 9

Chip Counts:

Theo Tran: 1,884,000
Minhai Manole: 1,020,000
Matt Keikoan: 1,011,000
Carter Gill: 652,000
Shannon Shorr: 620,000
Mike Lisanti: 358,000
Alex Bolotin: 345,000
J.C. Tran: 273,000
Chris Bjorin: 205,000


Matt KeikoanSeat 1: Matt Keikoan - 1,011,000

This Richmond, CA native is a new arrival to the ESPN stage, scoring his sixth WSOP cash and making his first final table appearance, Matt Keikoan is anything but the rookie with $183,496 in lifetime WSOP earnings. Until now, Keikoan’s most impressive finish was placing 63rd ($154,194) in last year’s main event. Sitting in a close third place with over a million chips, Matt Keikoan is looking for an upset here tonight as everyone tries to separate Theo Tran from his huge mountain of chips.


Theo TranSeat 2: Theo Tran - 1,884,000

At 26-years old, Theo Tran is no stranger to the cameras and in his short poker career he has already amassed 6 WSOP cashes and 4 final tables. Tran’s recent 4th place finish ($327,148) in Event 2 has kicked his lifetime WSOP earnings up to $801,228.

Nine days, seven events, two final tables…Theo Tran is sitting in 7th place on the 2008 WSOP money list with $327,148 heading into this nine-handed final table. Tran sprinted out of the gate and hopped out in front early, grabbing the end of Day 1 chip lead and taking that with him to the final table. Tran heads into the night with a massive chip lead of nearly 2:1over second place. If Tran can maintain his lead and outlast this final table, he will grab his first WSOP bracelet and enough cash to slide him up to the No. 1 spot on the 2008 WSOP money list. A first place win would put him over $2 million in live tournament winnings.


Shannon ShorrSeat 3: Shannon Shorr - 620,000

Shannon Shorr has become a familiar face on the high-stakes tournament trail, and now with 6 WSOP cashes ($188,228) under his belt, Shorr makes his second final table appearance here tonight. Shorr first made a name for himself online, entering the ranks of poker greatness after his impressive 4th place finish ($199,129) in the ’06 Aussie Millions main event and his 1st place finish ($960,690) in the Bellagio Cup II main event of that same year. Since then, Shorr has gone on to find  much success in the world of live tournament poker with over $2 million in lifetime earnings to date.


Carter GillSeat 4: Carter Gill - 652,000

Until last night, nobody had ever heard the name Carter Gill before and with no prior WSOP cashes and lifetime earnings of only $26,731, Gill is clearly one of the least experienced players at the table. But it doesn’t necessarily take experience to win a bracelet, it takes chips, and Gill is well on his way with over 650,000, entering the final table in fourth place.


Minhai ManoleSeat 5: Minhai Manole - 1,020,000

Minhai Manole is the all-time Romanian money winner with $283,221 in lifetime earnings. Only $3,408 of that came from his sole previous WSOP cash. This will mark Manole’s second WSOP cash and first final table. With over a million chips, Manole starts the night in second place, with more than enough chips to go toe-to-toe with the chip leader and to put the squeeze on the rest of his opponents.   


Chris BjorinSeat 6: Chris Bjorin - 205,000

Ahhh…the Swedish God of WSOP cashes, Chris Bjorin not only sits second on the Scandinavian all-time money list, but along with his two gold bracelets and over a million dollars in WSOP earnings, Bjorin is 18th on the WSOP all-time cash list with 39 in-the-money finishes and 20 final table appearances. The twelfth most earnest European professional, Chris Bjorin is also quite possibly the single most feared Swedish opponent at any final table. With just about ten big blinds left, Bjorin will be playing the role of the short stack tonight, a performance he has nailed so many times before. 


Mike LisantiSeat 7: Mike Lisanti - 358,000

There is not much to say about Mike Lisanti, other than he’s Canadian. Lisanti has no previous WSOP cashes, and his lifetime earnings before this event are barely enough to cover the buy-in. Lisanti enters the final table sixth in chips with a guaranteed minimum payout of $50,705.


J.C. TranSeat 8: J.C. Tran - 273,000

J.C., the original Tran, this man needs no introduction. Twenty-fifth on the all-time money list, along with 17 WSOP cashes and 5 final tables, even a 9th place finish tonight would put J.C.’s lifetime winnings over $6 million while an 8th place finish would put him over a half million dollars in WSOP earnings. Tran comes into this final table, eighth in chips (273,000), exactly where he ended Day 1, and somehow managed to maintain the eighth spot on the leader board right through the final day. Tran already has a WPT Championship title under his belt and is eagerly looking to put a bracelet on his wrist here tonight. 


Alex BolotinSeat 9: Alex Bolotin - 345,000

Alex Bolotin is a regular face at the World Series of Poker, most memorable for his second place finish ($504,686) to Bill Edler in last year’s $5,000 NLHE - Six Handed event. Bolotin now has 8 WSOP cashes and a total of 4 final tables. With $730,969 in WSOP cashes, a second place win or better would make Alex Bolotin the newest member of the WSOP-made millionaire’s club. Anything less would just bring him that much closer.





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