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European Poker Tour London -- Main Event Day 1B

The Field Stands at 848 Players and the Top Prize is £900,000


Daniel NegreanuThe biggest news on day 1B at the 2010 PokerStars European Poker Tour London £5,250 no-limit hold’em main event was the release of the official size of the field and prize pool. The field stands at 848 players, which smashes the record for the largest poker tournament ever held in England.

The previous record was 730 players for the 2009 EPT London main event. The year-over-year growth was an impressive 16 percent, making this one of the largest poker tournaments of the year.

Here is a look at the full prize payout information:

Position Prize
1 £900,000
2 £545,000
3 £300,000
4 £240,000
5 £190,000
6 £145,000
7 £100,000
8 £66,800
9-10 £45,000
11-12 £35,000
13-14 £30,000
15-16 £25,000
17-24 £21,000
25-32 £19,000
33-40 £17,000
41-48 £15,000
49-64 £13,000
65-80 £11,000
81-104 £9,000
105-128 £7,500

The increase in numbers is thanks in large part to the host country of the United Kingdom and the sizeable contingent of professionals and qualifiers from the United States who decided to make the jump across the pond. France, Germany, and Italy rounded out the top five. Here is a look at the top 10 nationalities in number of players participating at EPT London:

Country Players
UK 170
USA 167
France 63
Germany 53
Italy 48
Canada 40
Sweden 34
Netherlands 27
Russia 25
Ireland 18
Norway 18

Of the 509 players that entered the tournament today just 243 remained at the end of play tonight. They will join the 146 players that survived from day 1A tomorrow at noon local time (4 a.m. PST). You can catch all of the action in our live reporting and you can also catch videos from CardPlayer TV throughout the day. Here is a look at one of the videos from today with the newest member of Team PokerStars pro, Liv Boeree:

There was a large number of Team PokerStars pros and big-name professionals today, including Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey. Both of them have made it through to tomorrow. Some professionals that weren’t so lucky include Team PokerStars pros Sandra Naujoks, Fatima de Melo, Pieter de Korver, Johnny Lodden, and Dennis Phillips. The fallen also included Liz Lieu, Anthony Lellouche, Praz Bansi, Nenad Medic, Justin Smith, Kathy Liebert, and Viktor Blom, the players that has been tied to the screen name Isildur1.

Official chip counts have yet to be released, but here are the unofficial top 10 to tide you over:

Claudio Cecchi Italy 237,500
David Vamplew UK 205,200
Tony Cascarino Ireland 181,400
Claire Renaut France 171,900
Max Steinberg USA 164,400
Jude Ainsworth Ireland Team PokerStars Pro 163,500
Mihai Manole Romania 161,900
Kenneth Hicks USA PokerStars qualifier 153,300
Jason Wheeler USA PokerStars player 141,500
Kyle Bowker USA 141,300

EPT London continues the march down to the final table and £900,000 tomorrow, during nine more levels of poker on London’s West End. Here are the full official chips counts from the day:

Name Country Status Chips
Claudio Cecchi Italy 237,500
David Vamplew UK 205,200
Tony Cascarino Ireland 181,400
Claire Renaut France 171,900
Max Steinberg USA 164,400
Jude Ainsworth Ireland Team PokerStars Pro 163,500
Mihai Manole Romania 161,900
Kenneth Hicks USA PokerStars qualifier 153,300
Jason Wheeler USA PokerStars player 141,500
Kyle Bowker USA 141,300
Andrew Seden UK 141,100
Alain Roy France 137,500
Mustapha Kanit Italy 134,600
Gilbert Diaz France 129,200
Lukas Baumer Germany 128,100
Cheung Tai Law UK 127,900
Daniel Negreanu Canada Team PokerStars Pro 122,200
JP Kelly UK Team PokerStars Pro 121,100
Eduardo Santi Argentina 119,300
Phil Ivey USA 117,900
Kevin Eyster USA PokerStars qualifier 117,400
Paul Foltyn UK 115,600
Carlos Curi Argentina  115,300
Mario Silvestri USA PokerStars qualifier 115,100
Antonio Palma Portugal 115,000
Klaus Pautrot France 114,100
Vanessa Yiping Peng USA 113,100
Samuel Grafton UK 113,000
Alessandro Sciolti Italy  PokerStars player 110,800
Harrison Kaczka USA 110,100
Jose Nadal Mexico 109,700
Christophe De Meulder Belgium  Team PokerStars Pro 109,400
Quinn Do USA 109,300
Joe Hachem Australia  Team PokerStars Pro 108,400
Salvatore Bonavena Italy Team PokerStars Pro 107,100
Martin Hansen Denmark 103,700
Allen Bari USA 103,100
Emanuele Rugini Italy 102,700
Julien Labussiere France 101,300
Marwan Zakhem UK 101,300
Michalis Michael UK 100,200
Michael Telker USA PokerStars player 100,200
Samuel Trickett UK 98,100
Geert Jan Potijk Netherlands 98,000
Joshua Tekesky USA 97,200
Theo Jorgenson Denmark 97,200
Boris Becker Germany  Team PokerStars SportStar 94,700
Samuel Stein USA 94,500
George Abdallah USA 93,800
Thomas Hall Hong Kong 93,600
Faisal Belhoul Dubai 92,400
Fintan Gavin Ireland  PokerStars player 92,000
Waseem Ahmed UK 91,100
Kamal Choraria UK 90,600
Giacomo Fundaro Italy 90,500
Matt Perrins UK 90,000
Magnus Persson Sweden 87,600
Brian Powell USA 87,400
Jamie Brown United Kingdom  PokerStars player 86,900
Guillaume Rivet Canada  PokerStars player 85,100
Andrew Walker USA 83,700
Joel Nordkvist Sweden 83,100
Manig Loeser Germany 82,800
Walid Bouhabib Lebanon 82,100
Christophe Benzimra France 81,100
Florian Kossler Germany  80,400
Massimiliano Pescatori Italy 80,100
Danny Toffel UK 79,100
Noah Boeken Netherlands  Team PokerStars Pro 78,200
Andrew Feldman UK 77,900
Evan Parkes Canada 77,000
Konstantinos Nanos Germany  PokerStars qualifier 76,700
Liv Boeree UK Team PokerStars Pro 76,500
Henrik Tollefsen Norway  76,500
Michael Benvenuti USA 76,200
Roger Hairabedian France 76,000
John Magill Ireland 75,800
Annette Obrestad Norway 75,500
Daniel Cates USA 75,400
Christer Bjorin Sweden 75,200
Kevin Stani Norway  74,800
Gordon Huntley UK 74,400
Angelo Alberto Falcone Italy 74,000
Stephen Chidwick UK 73,900
Arto Loikkanen Finland 73,800
Erik Van Dijk Netherlands  PokerStars qualifier 73,600
Ramin Henke Germany 73,500
Sunil Moti UK 73,100
Narendra Banwari USA 72,900
Charles Chua Malaysia 72,200
John Dolan USA 72,100
Jeffery Lisandro Italy 71,000
Scott Montgomery Canada 69,600
Guillaume Gignac Canada  PokerStars player 68,500
Nikhil Persaud UK 68,300
Steve Jelinek UK 67,600
David Baker United States  PokerStars player 66,800
Dennis Bejedal Sweden 66,800
Dmitry Bayramov Russia PokerStars qualifier 66,100
Leo Margets Spain 65,900
Ilya Gorodetskiy Russia 65,400
Luca Falaschi Italy 65,300
Fabrice Soulier France 64,800
Barkatul Mohammed UK 64,000
Antoine Amourette France PokerStars qualifier 63,600
Christopher Tighe UK PokerStars player 63,000
Bruno Launais France 62,300
Gijs Verheijen Netherlands 62,200
Juan Maceiras Spain Team PokerStars Pro 62,000
Hani Elassaad Lebanon 60,200
Adolfo Vaeza Uruguay 59,700
Daniel Rudd UK 59,500
Marius Maciukas Lithuania 59,500
Justin Tazelaar Netherlands 59,400
Toni Judet Romania Team PokerStars Pro 58,600
Nikolay Evdakov Russia 57,300
Keir Ratcliff UK 57,000
Eric Baldwin USA 56,800
Scott Palmer USA 56,500
Sandiep Ajab Singh Khosa UK 56,400
Bitar Ghassan Monaco 56,200
Sebastian Ruthenberg Germany  Team PokerStars Pro 55,800
Daniel Lococo Canada  PokerStars player 55,300
Zachary Korik USA PokerStars player 54,900
Ronny Johansen Norway  PokerStars qualifier 54,800
Mathias Kuerschner Germany  PokerStars qualifier 54,700
William Martin UK 54,400
Dave Ulliott UK 54,000
Dominik Nitsche Germany 53,600
Tim Finne USA 53,500
David Rheem USA 53,300
Terje Augdal Norway 52,700
Jack Ellwood UK 52,300
Kayvan Payman Canada 52,300
Jonas Klausen Denmark 51,900
Tomer Berda Israel  51,900
Boco Raphael France PokerStars qualifier 51,600
George Phiniotis Cyprus 50,000
John Cernuto USA 49,900
Miguel Proulx Canada  PokerStars qualifier 49,100
Richard Toth Hungary Team PokerStars Pro 48,900
Gregory Merson USA 48,600
Moritz Kranich Germany 48,500
Nicholas Katz UK 47,600
Paul Kristoffersson Sweden 47,500
Gino Gabriel UK 45,700
Jonas Ovestad UK 45,600
Chad Brown USA Team PokerStars Pro 45,600
Wojciech Jankiewicz Poland 45,400
Dmitry Vitkind Russia 44,000
John Hall United States  PokerStars player 43,800
Leo Fernandez Argentina  Team PokerStars Pro 43,800
Ramzi Jelassi Sweden 43,500
Hans Varsi Norway 43,200
Luc Xu France 42,900
Josh Prager USA 42,400
Nichlas Mattsson Sweden 42,300
Robert Nulli Italy 41,800
Yuriten Bokkel Netherlands 41,600
Rudy Blondeau Canada  PokerStars player 41,400
Kirill Rabtsov Russia 41,400
Patrick Uzan France 40,500
Matt Affleck USA 40,400
Jonathan Aguiar USA 40,400
Philip Patrick UK 39,600
Parlafes Dany Romania  PokerStars qualifier 39,300
Felipe Ramos Brazil 39,200
Mark Andrew Southwood UK 38,300
Ross Boatman UK 38,200
Christopher Plimmer UK PokerStars player 38,100
Tim Ulrich Germany  PokerStars player 38,000
Christoph Kohnen Germany 37,500
Peyman Luth Germany 36,500
Per Ummer Cyprus 36,200
Tomi Aalto Finland 35,400
Tom Berthan UK 35,400
Harrison Schoenau USA 35,400
Leo Antonius Cornelus Netherlands 35,100
Men Nguyen USA 35,100
Anthony Cousineau United States  PokerStars player 35,000
Amnon Filippi USA 35,000
Amerigo Santoro Italy 35,000
Peter Robert Veale UK 35,000
Alexander Zayonts Russia 33,900
Marty Smyth Ireland 33,500
Tommie Janssen Netherlands  PokerStars qualifier 33,100
Juan Rosa Argentina  PokerStars qualifier 33,100
Jami Juutila Finland 33,000
Eric Qu France 32,300
Craig McCorkell UK 32,000
Byron Kaverman USA 31,100
Yevgeniy Timoshenko USA PokerStars qualifier 31,000
Andre Akkari Brazil Team PokerStars Pro 29,800
Jannick Wrang Denmark  PokerStars qualifier 29,700
Max Lykov Russia Team PokerStars Pro 29,300
Meenakshi Subramaniam India 28,600
Jean Philippe Savary France 28,400
A Alterman UK 27,900
Eughan O’dea Ireland 27,700
John Norberg USA PokerStars qualifier 27,300
Allen Kessler USA 26,900
David Curtis Ireland  PokerStars player 26,700
Jeffrey Hakim Canada  PokerStars qualifier 26,400
Ignat Liviu Romania 26,100
Alexia Portal France 25,000
Andrea Benelli Italy 24,900
Anh Nguyen Canada Team PokerStars Pro 24,700
Petter Jetten Canada 24,400
Tom-Aksel Bedell Norway 24,300
Ronald Lee USA 24,200
Jerome Guermeur France 24,000
Cort Kibler USA 23,300
Patrick Sacrispeyre France 22,500
Mirza Nagji USA 22,300
Michael Binger USA 21,900
Alex Gomes Brazil  Team PokerStars Pro 21,500
Daniel Perez Spain 19,100
Saltano Salvatore Italy 19,000
Oscar Blanco Spain 19,000
Charles Combes UK 18,900
Kevin Abecassis Switzerland 18,800
Anthony Roux France 18,800
Christian Harder USA 18,800
Phillippe Ktorza France 18,600
Justin Young USA 17,900
Benjamin Vinson UK 17,800
Yury Gulyy Russia 17,600
Paul Zimbler UK 16,400
James Mitchell UK 15,900
Laurent Carbonnel France 15,900
Cristiano Guerra Italy 14,800
Andrew Couldridge UK UKIPT winner 14,000
Fraid Alichanov Netherlands 13,400
Vincent Patrick Rubianes USA 9,900
Freddy Deeb USA 6,400