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European Poker Tour -- Toby Lewis Wins Vilamoura Main Event

Lewis Takes Home €467,835 and the EPT Title in Portugal


Toby Lewis -- Photo Courtesy of Neil Stoddart for PokerStarsThe final table of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Vilamoura €5,000 no-limit hold’em main event took place today in Portugal. The final eight had emerged from a field of 384 players and they took their seats to settle the matter of who would walk away with the €467,835 top prize and the title of EPT champion.

There was an interesting trio of players that made it to the final day of event, albeit with some of the short stacks left in play. They included Swedish professional Martin Jacobson, England football star Teddy Sheringham, and former EPT Grand Final champion Rob Hollink. The chip leader heading into the final day was Toby Lewis (3,322,000), who held just a slight lead of 4,000 over his closest competitor Sam Trickett.

Here is a look at the chip counts when the final table began:

Seat 1: Teddy Sheringham — 1,783,000
Seat 2: Toby Lewis — 3,322,000
Seat 3: Martin Jacobson — 441,000
Seat 4: Jason Lee — 1,167,000
Seat 5: Sergio Coutinho — 872,000
Seat 6: Sam Trickett — 3,318,000
Seat 7: Rob Hollink — 259,000
Seat 8: Frederick Jensen — 375,000

It took an hour for the first player to fall and the unfortunate fellow was Sergio Coutinho. He fell in eighth place when his 8-6 was dominated by the A-8 of Sam Trickett preflop. The ace was enough to win on a Q-9-5-5-Q board. A few minutes later the most experienced professional at the final table took his leave in seventh place. Hollink was all in preflop with 10Spade Suit 8Spade Suit and Sheringham made the call with AHeart Suit JHeart Suit. The rainbow board ran A-K-3-8-7 and Hollink was eliminated.

Frederik Jensen held onto his tournament life for the next hour and a half, but he ultimately fell in sixth place against Jacobson. Jensen pegged his tournament hopes on A-J in the hole and Jacobson held pocket fives preflop. The Q-3-Q-10-6 board settled the matter, and play continued five handed. The most recognized personality at the final table was the next to fall. Former England World Cup squad member Sheringham moved all in with K-Q in the hole on a K-10-9-9 board, but Jacobson was waiting for him with Q-J for the flopped straight. Sheringham busted in fifth place and the final four was set.

Just a short time later one of two players that headed into the final day with more than 3 million watched his fall from grace come to completion. Trickett was all in preflop with pocket deuces and he was covered by Jacobson, who held Q-J. The board fell J-8-5-3-4 and Trickett fell in fourth. Trickett’s final fall helped complete the comeback story of Jacobson. He had entered the day with just 441,000 and after the hand he held 5.9 million.

The battle for third place lasted just 20 minutes. Jason Lee moved all in preflop for 1 million and Jacobson made the call. Lee held AHeart Suit 5Heart Suit and Jacobson was ahead with AClub Suit 10Diamond Suit. The board ran out 9Diamond Suit 4Spade Suit 3Club Suit 10Club Suit JSpade Suit. Lee was eliminated in third place and Jacobson increased his chip lead heading into the heads-up final.

Heads-Up Chip Counts:

Martin Jacobson: 7,075,000
Toby Lewis: 4,405,000

The first stretch of heads-up play saw Lewis pull even with Jacobson and he had traded places in the standings with the Swede within an hour. Lewis took control of the match with the chip lead and Jacobson had fallen to 2,375,000 when he decided to move all in with pocket sevens in the hole. Lewis called and flipped over A-8, and the board fell K-J-3-J-4. Jacobson was back up to 4.7 million after the hand and heads-up action continued.

Jacobson had pulled back to even by the time the next break came around. The final two then made an unusual request, for the blind level length to be lowered from 75 minutes in length to a half hour. Their wish was granted and then the chips started to fly. Just 20 minutes later the final hand of the tournament was dealt.

Toby Lewis raised to 160,000 from the button preflop and Martin Jacobson made the call. The two players checked a flop of AClub Suit 10Spade Suit 9Heart Suit and then the 5Spade Suit fell on the turn. Jacobson bet 180,000 and Lewis raised to 525,000. Jacobson reraised to 1,205,000 and Lewis reraised to 2,025,000. Jacobson then moved all in and Lewis made the call. Their cards:

Lewis: 5Club Suit 5Heart Suit
Jacobson: 9Diamond Suit 5Diamond Suit

River: 10Club Suit

Lewis had Jacobson covered just barely and he was crowned the champion of the tournament after the hand. He took home €467,835 and the EPT title. Jacobson was awarded €297,984 for his runner-up finish after a strong comeback and long heads-up battle.

Final-Table Results:

1. Toby Lewis, PokerStars player, UK, €467,835
2. Martin Jacobson, PokerStars qualifier, Sweden, €297,984
3. Jason Lee, PokerStars qualifier, United States, €186,240
4. Sam Trickett, United Kingdom, €139,680
5. Teddy Sheringham, Friend of PokerStars, UK, €93,120
6. Frederick Jensen, PokerStars player, Denmark, €74,496
7. Rob Hollink, Holland, €55,872
8. Sergio Coutinho, Portugal, €37,248

The next EPT event will take place in London from Sept. 29-Oct. 4. Card Player will be in England to bring you all of the action live from the ₤5,000 main event and the ₤20,000 high roller event.