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Knock Out Poker Pros and Win Cash at Boylepoker

Collect Pro Bounties in Boylepoker's Scalp Series Starting Monday


Boylepoker Scalp SeriesStarting on Monday, Aug. 16, is launching a week-long Scalp Series where players get the chance to knock out pros in various online tournaments with buy-ins between $5.50 and $11.

The pleasure of knocking out either Marty “marty_smyth” Smyth, Nicky “NickyP0wer” Power, John “John0Shea” O’Shea, and Pete “PeteMurphy” Murphy is not the only attraction, each pro has $25 on their head for any player who knocks them out, plus $100 will be added to the prize pool.

Lisa Condon of said, “Bounty tournaments always prove popular on the site where players get a chance to chat with our stable of pros and serious bragging rights if they manage to knock one out. So we’re giving them the Scalp Series and looking forward to the fallout from the knock-outs!”

Here is the Scalp Series schedule (all start at 8.30 p.m.):

Aug. 16: Scalp Series 1 $10 + $1 FO $100 added + four $25 pro bounties
Aug. 17: Scalp Series 2 $5 + .50c FO $100 added + four $25 pro bounties
Aug. 18: Scalp Series 3 $10 + $1 FO $100 added + four $25 pro bounties
Aug. 19: Scalp Series 4 $5 + .50c FO $100 added + four $25 pro bounties
Aug. 20: Scalp Series 5 $10 + $1 FO $100 added + four $25 pro bounties

There are two leagues running alongside this promotion which will see players profit from collecting the pros’ scalps. The player who knocks out the most Boylepoker pros will receive $100 in the Pro Scalps League, and whoever knocks out the most players over the week will get $250, with second place receiving $150 in the Top Scalper League.