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World Series of Poker -- Day 1C of the 2010 Main Event

10-Time Bracelet Winner Johnny Chan over 150,000 after Day 1C


Johnny ChanDay 1c of the 2010 World Series of Poker main event is in the books. A total of 2,314 entrants turned out for the third of the four starting days.

Combined with Monday and Tuesday’s total of 2,614, the 2010 main event field size currently stands at 4,928. At least 1,567 players will need to show up for day 1d on Friday, in order for this summer’s main event to be larger than the 2009 field.

10-time bracelet winner and two-time main event champion, Johnny Chan, is near the top of the chip counts at the end of the day. He started the day off with a cooler in his favor.

Chan bet on a flop of JDiamond Suit 10Club Suit 8Heart Suit and an opponent moved all in. Chan called with the 10Heart Suit 10Diamond Suit for middle set and his opponent exposed the 8Club Suit 8Diamond Suit for bottom set. Chan’s hand held and he doubled up early in the day to 60,000. Chan made many more hands throughout the day and ended with about 150,000.

David WilliamsDavid Williams, the 2004 main event runner-up, experienced an up-and-down day on the felt. His high point was near 150,000, but eventually ended the evening with just over 100,000.

“It’s been the best day one I’ve had in the main event,” Williams said on a break. “I just got up to 140,000 right before the break. I just played bad two hands in a row and paid a guy off who had aces. I am down to 107,000, but I’m still doing great. I’ve made a lot of hands, a lot of sets, a lot of straights, a lot of flushes, so it’s good, but it’s early. I’ve pretty much shown down the nuts every hand. I haven’t had to do anything tricky because every hand I’ve had it. I hope I have this kind of luck on day six or seven.”

Another main event runner-up was in the field on Wednesday. 2006 second-place finisher Paul Wasicka survived the day with an above average chip count.

Wasicka is looking to have another chance at the main event bracelet that eluded him four years ago. However, Wasicka said he is a much different player than he was in 2006.

Paul Wasicka“I don’t really believe I was fully aware of the magnitude of the main event at that time,” Wasicka said on the dinner break. “It was still early in my career and my first time playing the main event. So, I think it was advantageous and disadvantageous. I was playing more like I had nothing to lose back then. I was doing some crazy plays and accumulating very quickly. But, with that said, there were some crucial pots that were going my way. Now I am looking to play a very low variance game and hopefully stick with this table for awhile. At this point I have a really good feel for how everyone is playing at the table and what they are capable of doing.”

Wasicka, who is regarded as one of the more humble players on the tournament circuit, is confident about the event that put him on the poker map.

“I have no doubt I’ll be at the main event final table again in the future,” Wasicka said. “I work my ass off throughout the whole year for this week. I am sure there are many other people out there who do as well, but I really feel if I win a few flips here and there and maybe get a few suck outs, I’ll get a hold of some chips and have a shot. I really feel that deep-stack tournaments like these are the ideal situation for me. I am really excited.”

Joe CadaDefending champion Joe Cada is still alive after his day one. The bracelet winner is currently at almost double the starting stack.

Other notables near the top of the chip counts include Lauren Kling, Barny Boatman, Robert Mizrachi, Billy Kopp, Hoyt Corkins, Michael DeMichele, Christian Harder, Patrik Antonius, Isaac Baron and Sam Farha.

Notable eliminations during the day include Alexandre Gomes, David Benefield, Isabelle Mercier, Jerry Yang, Cory Carroll, Phil Hellmuth, Matt Woodward, Mike Sowers, Shaun Deeb, Jeff Madsen, Faraz Jaka, Scott Fischman, Men Nguyen, Dario Minieri and Huck Seed.

Stay tuned to Card Player for coverage of Day 1d of the 2010 main event!