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WSOP: Hamrick Wins Event 42 ($1,500 No-Limit Hold'em)

After Coming Close in Recent Years, The 25-Year-Old Wins One


HamrickDean Hamrick had been close to a World Series of Poker bracelet before.

He made more than $500,000 for his tenth-place finish in the 2008 WSOP main event.

At the 2009 WSOP he made the final table and finished fifth in another no-limit hold’em event.

Continuing that annual progression, the young Michigan-native not only made it to the final table of event No. 42 ($1,500 no-limit hold’em) Friday, but he battled through a three hour back-and-forth heads-up match against Thomas O’Neal to claim his first WSOP title and the $604,222 first-place prize.

Throughout the three days of play he outlasted 2,520 other entrants, including a tough 15-hour final day that had a cast of characters ranging from veterans like Humberto Brenes (16th) to UFC welterweight Mike Swick (10th).

But Hamrick pulled out the win, pushing his major tournament winnings beyond $1.5 million for his career and earning that elusive WSOP bracelet.

Here Are The Final-Table Results

1. Dean Hamrick — $604,222
2. Thomas O’Neal — $375,627
3. Ian Wiley — $265,869
4. Niccolo Caramatti — $191,744
5. Aaron Kaiser — $140,013
6. Ryan Hemmel — $103,461
7. Andrew Rosskamm — $77,392
8. Thomas Johnson — $58,571
9. Aaron Gustavson — $44,856

Final-table elimination hands, as reported live on*

GustavsonGustavson Busts in Ninth Place ($44,856)

Aaron Gustavson, winner of the 2009 EPT London main event, pushed all in for 440,000 and Niccolo Caramatti took a look at his cards and quickly called from the big blind. Their hands:

Gustavson: QClub Suit JSpade Suit
Caramatti: ADiamond Suit 6Club Suit

Gustavson was trailing and hoping to see some paint, but the flop missed him completely. It ran 8Spade Suit 8Diamond Suit 6Heart Suit, keeping Caramatti ahead with two pairs, sixes and eights.

The turn was closer, as the 10Diamond Suit fell to give Gustavson some more outs with a gutshot straight draw.

But his hopes of staying alive ended with the 3Club Suit on the river. Gustavson finished ninth for $44,856, and Caramatti jumped into the chip lead with 2.5 million in chips.

JohnsonKings Let Johnson Down in Eighth Place ($58,571)

Niccolo Caramatti made it 110,000 to go and Thomas Johnson saw his chance to move all in for his last 375,000. Caramatti called and they showed down:

Caramatti: ADiamond Suit 9Club Suit
Johnson: KSpade Suit KHeart Suit

Johnson was the favorite to win the hand and double up but the flop was unkind to him, running AClub Suit 6Heart Suit 3Heart Suit.

Caramatti took the lead and Johnson was down to two kings or running hearts to save his tournament. He got neither, as the 3Diamond Suit hit on the turn and the 2Spade Suit finished the board. Johnson finished in eighth place for $58,571.

RosskammFlopped Set KO’s Rosskamm in Seventh Place ($77,392)

Andrew Rosskamm raised to 125,000 and was called by Thomas O’Neal. The flop ran 10Heart Suit 4Spade Suit 3Diamond Suit and O’Neal checked to Rosskamm who fired 80,000 into the pot only to have O’Neal check-raise to 200,000. Rosskamm raised again, putting himself all in and O’Neal called.

O’Neal showed 4Club Suit 4Diamond Suit for a flopped set.
The JSpade Suit landed on the turn and the 3Club Suit on the river officially ended Rosskamm’s run, busting him in seventh place for $77,392. O’Neal had around 2.2 million in chips after the hand.

HemmelHemmel Runs Into Caramatti’s Ladies, Out in Sixth ($103,461)

Niccolo Caramatti had already eliminated the first two players from the final table, and he was back at it again when he opened to 115,000 and Ryan Hemmel reraised all in for 680,000. Caramatti called and they showed down:

Caramatti: QDiamond Suit QSpade Suit
Hemmel: AClub Suit JHeart Suit

The flop of KDiamond Suit JSpade Suit 8Heart Suit connected with Hemmel, giving him some hope, but the KSpade Suit on the turn left him dead to another jack or an ace. The 7Diamond Suit came on the river and Hemmel was gone in sixth place, making $103,461.

KaiserKaiser Loses Flip, Out in Fifth Place ($140,013)

Aaron Kaiser got all in preflop and was called by Dean Hamrick from the small blind. The two showed:

Hamrick: 7Club Suit 7Heart Suit
Kaiser: QHeart Suit 9Spade Suit

Kaiser held two overs but the flop didn’t connect with either of them, running JDiamond Suit 6Diamond Suit 4Spade Suit. The turn brought the 6Club Suit and Kaiser was in need of a queen or nine to stay alive. The 2Spade Suit fell on the river and Kaiser was the fifth-place finisher, making $140,013.

With the pot Hamrick held a nice chip lead with 3.9 million compared to the next closest stack of 2.4 million for Niccolo Caramatti.

Caramatti Gone in Fourth ($191,744)

Niccolo Caramatti had been an active player at the final table, knocking out three of the first four victims, but he ended up on the other end when he collided with chip leader Dean Hamrick.

Hamrick raised to 180,000 and Caramatti moved all in from the big blind. Hamrick made the quick call and they showed down:

Hamrick: ADiamond Suit QDiamond Suit
Caramatti: KDiamond Suit 8Diamond Suit

Caramatti was caught with the worst hand but the flop gave him reason to celebrate, running KSpade Suit JHeart Suit 6Club Suit to pair his king.

Hamrick still held an over card and a 10 would give him the Broadway straight. The turn was the 3Spade Suit and Hamrick’s good call seemed as if it was going to cost him big time.

Hamrick’s rail called for the 10, and their calls turned out to be prophetic. The 10Spade Suit landed on the river to give Hamrick the straight and bust Caramatti in fourth place, for which he earned $191,744.

Hamrick was already the chip leader, but in eliminating Caramatti he increased his stack to 6.8 million — well above Thomas O’Neal’s next largest stack of 2.1 million and Ian Wiley’s 1.5 million.

WileyRiver Floats Wiley Out in Third ($265,869)

Dean Hamrick made it 260,000 to go and Ian Wiley moved all in for his last 1,830,000. Hamrick took a few minutes to think it over, then made the call. Their hands:

Wiley: JDiamond Suit 6Diamond Suit
Hamrick: ASpade Suit 3Club Suit

Hamrick made the right call, as his hand was a slight favorite over Wiley’s, but the flop hit Wiley right away, running QSpade Suit JHeart Suit 7Club Suit to pair his jack. The 2Diamond Suit came next, and Hamrick was down to one last chance to hit an ace.

Sure enough, the ADiamond Suit landed on the river and Hamrick eliminated Wiley in third place. Wiley went to the rail $265,869 richer.

With Wiley gone, Hamrick was heads up with 6.3 million in chips against Thomas O’Neal and his 5 million.

Hamrick Wins Event 42 ($604,222), O’Neal Finishes Runner-Up ($375,627)

Around 3 hours into a back-and-forth heads-up battle, Thomas O’Neal raised to 700,000 after Dean Hamrick had limped from the button. Hamrick re-raised all in and O’Neal made the quick call. Their hands:

Hamrick: ADiamond Suit QHeart Suit
O’Neal: ASpade Suit 9Spade Suit

The flop hit both players, running AHeart Suit KDiamond Suit 2Club Suit, but Hamrick’s queen kicker had him in the lead. The turn brought the 7Spade Suit and O’Neal needed a 9 to win the pot or for the board to pair to chop it.

The 8Spade Suit came on the river and at around 5:30 a.m. Hamrick took the pot to eliminate O’Neal in second place ($375,627). Hamrick earned his first WSOP bracelet and $604,222.