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World Series of Poker -- Harold Angle Wins Event No. 34

Florida Native Wins First Bracelet


Harold AngleHarold Angle made his first career WSOP cash. Unlike most first career cashes, Angle’s cash had a bracelet come along with it.

The Sun City, Florida native outlasted 3,142 players to win event no. 34, the seniors no-limit hold’em event, and takes home $487,994 for his first cash in a major tournament.

Angle made it to the final table with an average stack and was able to make full houses to knock out the first two players at the final table. He was able to tread water after adding chips to his stack early on and made it down to three-handed play when he tangled with chip leader John Woo.

Woo and Angle both had around 4 million in chips when Angle flopped two pair with his J-10 against Woo’s pocket queens. That pot shot Angle up to over 8 million and left Woo crippled. Angle got heads-up with nearly a 9-1 chip advantage and that was too much for Michael Minetti to overcome.

Here are the final table results.

1. Harold Angle – $487,994
2. Michael Minetti – $301,839
3. John Woo – $213,612
4. Eric Stemp – $154,624
5. "Daniel Camillo ": – $113,225
6. Preston Derden – $83,872
7. Jack Ward – $62,833
8. Carlos Pianelli – $47,591
9. Jay Hong – $36,450

Here are the elimination hands that as seen on’s live updates.

Jay HongJay Hong Eliminated in Ninth Place ($36,450)

Harold Angle completed the small blind and Jay Hong checked the big blind and they saw a fop of KClub Suit6Spade SuitKSpade Suit. Angle led for 30,000 and Hong made the call.

The 10Diamond Suit came on the turn and Angle bet 65,000 and was met with a raise to 225,000. Angle had Hong covered and opted to move all-in and was called by Hong.

Hong showed KHeart Suit9Spade Suit, giving him trip kings, but Angle showed 6Club Suit6Diamond Suit, giving him a flopped full house. The river was the QHeart Suit and Hong was eliminated while Angles stack shot up to 1,170,000.

Carlos Pianelli Eliminated in Eighth Place ($45,591)

Carlos Pianelli limped in from early position and the blinds were in foor the ride as well.

The flop was AHeart Suit8Spade Suit10Spade Suit and Harold Angle bet 60,000 which was called by Pianelli. the turn was the 10Club Suit and Angle bet 75,000 and Pianelli moved all-in. Angle made the call instantly and showed ASpade Suit10Heart Suit, good for a full house. Pianelli was drawing to the last ace in the deck to chop as he turned over the AClub SuitJDiamond Suit.

There was no ace on the river and Pianelli is eliminated in eighth and will take home $47,591 for his efforts.

Jack WardJack Ward Eliminated in Seventh Place ($62,883)

Jack Ward called in the small blind and John Woo checked his option. The two players saw a flop of JDiamond SuitJSpade Suit3Diamond Suit.

Ward checked, Woo bet 40,000, and Ward raised to 125,000. Woo called and the KDiamond Suit fell on the turn. Ward shoved for 620,000 and Woo tanked before making the call with KDiamond Suit3Diamond Suit and was ahead of Ward’s 4Club Suit4Spade Suit

The river was the ASpade Suit and Woo takes the chip lead and Ward was eliminated with over $60,000 for his efforts.

Preston Derden Eliminated in Sixth Place ($83,872)

Preston Derden moved all-in from the hijack for 350,000 and John Woo called from the button.

Woo showed AHeart SuitQHeart Suit and Derden showed JDiamond Suit8Club Suit. The board ran out 4Spade Suit5Spade Suit6Diamond SuitAClub Suit9Heart Suit, sending the pot to Woo and eliminating Derden in sixth placeHeart Suit

Daniel Camillo Eliminated ($113,225)

John Woo raised to 125,000 from the button and was called by Daniel Camillo from the small blind and Eric Stemp in the big blind.

The flop was 4Club Suit3Diamond Suit10Spade Suit and after both blinds checked, Woo bet 250,000. Camillo then check-raised all-in for just over a million. Stemp folded Woo went into the tank for five minutes before making the call.

Woo showed ADiamond Suit4Spade Suit, for a pair of fours and Camillo showed KClub Suit2Club Suit, for complete air. The turn was the QSpade Suit and the river was the 5h and Camillo was sent home in fifth.

Eric StempEric Stemp Eliminated in Fourth Place ($154,624)

John Woo raised to 185,000 from the small blind and Eric Stemp called from the big blind.

The flop was 2Club Suit7Spade Suit4Club Suit and Woo moved all-in and was instantly called. Stemp showed the 8Club Suit6Club Suit, giving him a straight draw and a flush draw, but Woo held the QClub Suit9Club Suit, giving him a bigger flush draw and thereby cutting the equity that is usually associated with a big combo draw..

The 5Club Suit came on the turn and now Stemp needed to make his straight flush. The AHeart Suit on the river didn’t fill that draw and Stemp was gone in fourth place.

John WooJohn Woo Eliminated in Third Place ($213,612)

Harold Angle limped on the button and after Michael Minetti folded his small blind, John Woo checked his option.

The flop came 4Spade Suit7Heart Suit10Spade Suit and Woo moved all-in for 300,000 and was called by Angle. Woo showed 9Club Suit4Diamond Suit and was ahead of Angle’s ASpade Suit2Spade Suit.

The 3Spade Suit on the turn meant that Angle filled his flush and the 4Club Suit on the river was just a mere formality and Woo was eliminated in third place, leaving us with Harold Angle with a huge chip advantage over Michael Minetti for heads-up play and the bracelet.

Michael Minetti Eliminated, Harold Angle Wins Event No. 34

Harold Angle limped in on the button and Michael Minetti went all-in from the big blind for 700,000. Angle made the call and showed KSpade SuitJSpade Suit and was up against Minetti’s JHeart SuitJClub Suit.

The flop came 9Spade Suit9Diamond SuitKClub Suit and Minetti’s dreams of doubling up were dashed. The turn was the 8Club Suit and the river was the 5Heart Suit, sending the pot, the bracelet, and $487,994 to Harold Angle.

Minetti will take home $301,839 for his second place finish.



over 10 years ago

What's the age limit for the Seniors Event?

From the pictures above, it appears to me that Woo, Hong, and Stemp don't qualify for the age restriction if it is 60 or above.

Is this event like the Ladies Only event where players can choose to ignore the rules?


over 10 years ago