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World Poker Tour -- Theo Jorgensen Wins Grand Prix de Paris

Jorgensen Takes Home $782,818 in Prize Money


Theo JorgensenThe return of the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris €10,000 no-limit hold’em main event saw 247 players enter the field, which created a total prize pool in excess of €2.3 million. It was the first time the tournament took place as a part of the WPT schedule since 2005. The top 27 players walked away with prize money and the eventual champion, Theo Jorgensen (pictured right), took home the top prize worth $782,818. Here is a look at the chip counts when the final table began:

Seat 1: Mickael Guenni — 538,000
Seat 2: Theo Jorgensen — 2,693,000
Seat 3: Antoine Amourette — 489,000
Seat 4: Per Linde — 584,000
Seat 5: Jimmy Ostensson — 436,000
Seat 6: Nourredine Aïtaleb — 810,000
Seat 7: Fabrice Touil — 1,183,000
Seat 8: Arnaud Mattern — 678,000

Jimmy Ostensson was the first player to fall when he shoved all in for 354,000 preflop on the button and Fabrice Touil made the call from the small blind. Ostensson held pocket nines, and Touil held AClub Suit 6Club Suit. The board ran out K-J-4-A-6, and Ostensson was sent home in eighth place with $86,982. Arnaud Mattern was the next to fall after he moved all in preflop and Antoine Amourette made the call with pocket aces. Mattern held A-Q, and he was sent to the rail after a J-9-3-2-8 board. Mattern took home $101,480 as the seventh-place finisher. Only one more player was eliminated before the dinner break, and it was Nourredine Aïtaleb, who was awarded $115,971 in sixth place. Per Linde held pocket queens when Aïtaleb moved all in with A-J, and the board brought no help to save him.

Action after the dinner break was dominated by double-ups and one huge pot that changed the course of the tournament before the next elimination. Jorgensen was all in for 1,635,000, and Amourette made the call. Jorgensen held pocket kings, and Amourette showed down pocket sevens. The board fell 5-4-5-10-3, and Jorgensen won the huge hand to grow his stack to 3.3 million and Amourette was left with 600,000.

The eliminations began again when Fabrice Touil moved all in with A-8 and Jorgensen made the call with J-8. Jorgensen was dominated, but the board delivered a jack and an 8 to give him two pair and the pot. Touil was eliminated in fifth place, and he was awarded $173,963. Mikhael Guenni was on the chopping block next, and after he survived multiple all-ins, his final stand took place. He was all in preflop for 405,000 with pocket fives and Jorgensen made the call with pocket nines. The board changed nothing, and $231,949 was Guenni’s parting gift in fourth place. Just a half hour later, Linde moved all in preflop for 415,000 and Jorgensen made the call. He held K-J and Linde held 7-5. The board gave Jorgensen a straight, and he eliminated yet another opponent. Linde took home $289,935 in prize money in third place.

On the third hand of heads-up play, Amourette moved all in for 600,000 preflop and Jorgensen had him covered with 6 million. Amourette held KDiamond Suit 6Heart Suit and Jorgensen held ASpade Suit KClub Suit. The board ran out JClub Suit 6Diamond Suit 4Club Suit AHeart Suit 5Diamond Suit, and Jorgensen won the hand and the tournament. Amourette took home $405,906 as the runner up and Jorgensen was awarded $782,818 in prize money along with his first WPT title.

“Wow, I’m on top of the world, it means so much to win a WPT title,” said Jorgensen after the win.

Final-Table Results:

1: Theo Jorgensen — $782,818
2: Antoine Amourette — $405,906
3: Per Linde — $289,935
4: Mickael Guenni — $231,949
5: Harry Touil — $173,963
6: Nourredine Aitaleb — $115,971
7: Arnaud Mattern — $101,480
8: Jimmy Ostensson — $86,982

The next WPT event will be the WPT Spanish Championship that will be hosted in Barcelona, Spain from May 19-23.