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Online Poker Data Mining -- The Pro Opinion VII

Paul Marrow Gives Us His Opinion On Online Poker Data Mining


Following on from Card Player’s recent report about the data mining dilemma facing the online poker industry, we decided to ask a selection of players their thoughts on what has become a very sensitive issue.

Each player was asked if they use online poker tracking tools and if they felt people should be allowed to data mine; is it good or bad for the game, does it change the game at all, and what was their opinion of sites taking action against it? This resulted in a surprisingly mixed reaction which you can read over the coming week.

Paul Marrow on online poker data miningPaul Marrow

Data mining is like all information gathering, it is only any benefit if you know how to utilise the knowledge you are harvesting. There is an old saying, “The world is full of information, which most people gather, then fail to understand what they possess.” This information will only ever be advantageous to the more understanding poker player, the rest will not have the intelligence to make any advancement from it. If data mining was not available, then the best poker players would just simply use old-fashioned ink and parchment.

As far as poker trackers are concerned, no, I don’t use them, again I rely on my memory and knowledge of the players I play against. I do have notes on any new or unusual players that I come across, but once I get to know these players I tend to discard any historicals and switch to memory and instinct. Downloading hands, I have never done, albeit it may help some. I feel it is like explaining my bad beat to you at the bar, whilst trying to ignore your yawns.

As far as being good/bad for the game, any extra tools used are only any good in the hands of a craftsman, and the only changes I would ever see it making to the game, would be to the pace of it ⎯ sites pretty much have this covered by timer clocks anyway.

My whole opinion basically is that information will only ever be advantageous to those who understand what they have, unfortunately/fortunately, whichever way you perceive it, there are those who read and understand, and there are those who read and never digest. The first category are the winners, the second are what we all play the game for.

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