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European Poker Tour -- San Remo Day 1A

There are 299 Players Left from the 585 That Entered on Day 1A in Italy


Casino San RemoThe PokerStars European Poker Tour San Remo €5,000 no-limit hold’em main event began today and the turnout was strong with 585 players in the field. The total prize pool for the tournament will be determined tomorrow when another full day of poker will take place at the Casino San Remo on the shores of the Italian Riviera.

There were 299 players that survived to day 2 and the chip leader is Russian player Alexey Rybin who holds 213,100, and close behind him is Italian Manuel Coppola with 212,000. They were the only two players to finish with more than 200,000. Notables that advanced with a strong stack include David Sands (130,000), Isabelle Mercier (106,500), Maxim Lykov (85,000), Anthony Lellouche (84,400), 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure champion Harrison Gimbel (64,900), and Team PokerStars pros Luca Pagano (64,500) and Jude Ainsworth (62,000).

All of these players will return at noon local time on Saturday, April 16 to begin play at 600-1,200 blinds with a 100 ante. Levels will increase to 75 minutes in length tomorrow and there will be a 15-minute break after each level. You can follow along with all of the action on the PokerStars blog feed, and be sure to check back at tomorrow night for another summary of the action. Here is a look at the tournament statistics from day 1A in Italy:

Day 1A Chip Leaders:

Alexey Rybin: 213,100
Manuel Coppola: 212,000
Serge Madec: 184,200
Alexander Wice: 181,700
Evgeniy Zaytsev: 161,000
Antonio Buonanno: 150,000
Tommaso Briotti: 145,000
Luke Keay: 130,000
Ronny Kaiser: 124,200
Andrew Scott: 119,900

Notable Day 1A Eliminations:

Team PokerStars pros Chad Brown and Elena Ichim, Jan Skampa, Erick Lindgren, Dragan Galic, John Cernuto, and David Steicke

Hand of the Day:

Moritz Kranich Wins a Nice Pot to Survive

With the blinds at 300-600 Michael Tureniec raised to 2,225 UTG+1 and Melanie Weisner made the call right behind him. Moritz Kranich reraised all in for 14,175 and Enrico Delfino reraised all-in over the top for 550 more. Tureniec mucked and Weisner made the call. Their cards:

Weisner: 9Diamond Suit 9Club Suit
Kranich: AHeart Suit QHeart Suit
Delfino: ADiamond Suit QSpade Suit

Board: JSpade Suit JHeart Suit 2Heart Suit 10Heart Suit 10Diamond Suit

Kranich won the hand when he hit a flush on the turn and he grew his stack to 42,000 with the win.