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European Poker Tour -- Copenhagen Day 1A

A Canadian Leads the Charge on the First Day of Play in Denmark


Arnaud MatternDay 1A at the PokerStars European Poker Tour Copenhagen 35,000 DKK no-limit hold’em main event has come to a close tonight in Denmark. The first day of play attracted 191 players, and now just 114 remain. There are more than 200 players registered for day 1B tomorrow, and this tournament will once again attract a field that is much larger than 400 players.

In the spirit of the Winter Olympic Games currently taking place in Vancouver, the overnight chip leader was Canadian Andrew Pantling, who ended play with 155,800. Other professionals who finished the day with strong stacks included Team PokerStars pro Arnaud Mattern (pictured right) who ended the day with 76,000, reigning EPT Prague champion Jan Skampa Mattern — 76,000 (79,000), and the runner-up in this event last year, Peter Hedlund (63,500). Other notable professionals who have survived to the second day of play include Team PokerStars Pro members Dario Minieri, Johnny Lodden, and Ruben Visser, as well as Annette Obrestad, Stefan Mattsson, Cornel Cimpan, and Rasmus Nielsen.

Check back at tomorrow for another summary of the action, and be sure to follow along with the action from the PokerStars blog feed daily during the event. Players that are expected to be in action tomorrow include Team PokerStars Pro members Peter Eastgate, Bertrand Grospellier, William Thorson, Luca Pagano, and Noah Boeken. Here is a look at the tournament statistics from EPT Copenhagen Day 1A:

Day 1A Top Chip Counts:

Andrew Pantling — 155,800
Johnny Ostbjerg — 117,000
Christian Togsverd — 116,100
Patrik Kaltrud — 113,200
Kristian Kofoed — 110,600
Morten Guldhammer — 101,500
Andrew Teng — 94,600
Chrstiano Blanco — 88,500
Jan Skampa — 79,000
Rasmus Nielsen — 79,000

Notable Day 1A Eliminations:

Jeff Sarwer, Thomas Bichon, Thor Drexel, Martin Kabrhel

Hand of the Day:

Arnaud Mattern grows his Stack to 100,000 with some luck

On a flop of JDiamond Suit 9Club Suit 6Spade Suit, a player bet 3,000, and another made the call. Arnaud Mattern then raised to 7,500, and the original player to act reraised all in for an additional 20,000. The player behind him mucked, and Mattern made the call, covering his opponent. Their cards:

Mattern: AHeart Suit JClub Suit
Opponent: JSpade Suit 9Spade Suit

Turn and River: AClub Suit and 6Diamond Suit

Mattern hit an ace on the turn, and he eliminated his opponent. Mattern’s stack was over 100,000 after the hand.