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Asian Poker Tour Macau Main Event Prospers

APT Macau Main Event Surpasses Attendance Predictions


The Asian Poker Tour Macau’s main event day 1B kicked off today with 193 players. Added to the 133 from day 1A, means that 326 players took part this year, creating a total prize pool of HK$10,919,040 and a first place prize of HK$3,035,000.

This attendance figure is up 69 from last year, meaning that the Tour’s hopeful prediction of having 300 runners came true, and then some. Chief Executive Officer of the Tour, Chris Parker, spoke on this subject, “One year ago we projected that we would get 300 runners for the main event so we are delighted with the turnout, especially in the current economic climate. It vindicates our decision to transform the Asian Poker Tour Macau into a 12 day festival.

“What is hugely encouraging is the growth of Asian players in the field, which bodes very well for the future. For example, on Day1A just over 50 percent of the field was from Asia. We have also significantly increased the online qualifier contingent in comparison to 2008.”

The first Chinese language poker film, Poker King also began filming on the second starting day, and as players took to their seats, it was lights, cameras, and action.

Speaking of action, the Tour’s Ambassadors “The Poker Pack” have been on a roll in the festival’s side events with Team Korea winning the JBET Battle of the Nations, plus Quinn Do, David “Chino” Rheem, and JC Tran taking down various other side events. As the main event continues onwards, it will be interesting to see if they can keep up their success rate, and do well in the tournament where it matters the most.