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WSOP -- Jordan Smith Wins Event No. 36

Smith Earns $586,212 For Victory


Jordan SmithJordan Smith may have won event No. 36, but it was clearly ladies night at the Rio as two females made the final table of nine in one of the largest tournaments of the summer.

A monster field of 1,695 put up the $2,000 to play some no-limit hold’em, and Smith walked away the champion when all was said and done, pocketing $586,212.

Smith went heads up with Swedish player Ken Lennaard for the title and kept the pressure on until the job was done.

The two ladies who made their presence known at the final table were chess champion Almira Skripchenko and professional poker player Laurence Grondin. Grondin made the deepest run, bowing out in third place, but fell just short of becoming the first woman since Katja Thater to win an open-event bracelet.

Here are the final table results:

1. Jordan Smith — $586,212
2. Ken Lennaard — $360,439
3. Laurence Grondin — $237,537
4. Joe Morneau — $166,584
5. Anthony Roux — $120,311
6. Pat Atchison — $95,631
7. Almira Skripchenko — $78,664
8. Andrew Seden — $67,867
9. Jonathan Plens — $61,081

Here were the final table eliminations according to Card Player’s Live Updates:

Jonathan PlensJonathan Plens Eliminated in Ninth Place ($61,081)

Joe Morneau raised to 70,000 from the cutoff, and Jonathan Plens reraised all in for 400,000. Mourneau made the call, and they flipped over their cards:

Morneau: AHeart Suit 7Diamond Suit
Plens: JDiamond Suit 8Diamond Suit

KSpade Suit 10Heart Suit 7Heart Suit 5Spade Suit 6Club Suit

Plens was eliminated in ninth place.

Andrew Seden Eliminated in Eighth Place ($67,867)

Jordan Smith raised to 80,000 from the cutoff, and Andrew Seden reraised all in for 365,000. Smith made the call, and they flipped up their cards:

Smith: ASpade Suit 6Spade Suit
Seden: KSpade Suit JSpade Suit

Board: ADiamond Suit KClub Suit 8Club Suit 7Diamond Suit QHeart Suit

Seden was eliminated in eighth place.

Almira Skripchenko Eliminated in Seventh Place ($78,664)

Laruence Grondin raised to 90,000 from the cutoff, and Jordan Smith made the call on the button. Almira Skripchenko reraised all in for 640,000, Grondin folded, and Smith called.

Smith: 5Diamond Suit 5Spade Suit
Skripchenko: KHeart Suit KSpade Suit

Board: 9Heart Suit 6Club Suit 5Club Suit 8Diamond Suit QClub Suit

Skripchenko was eliminated in seventh place.

Pat Atchison Eliminated in Sixth Place ($95,631)

Pat Atchison moved all in preflop for 390,000, and Laurence Grondin made the call. Their cards:

Atchison: ASpade Suit KSpade Suit
Grondin: AHeart Suit 10Spade Suit

Board: JDiamond Suit 8Spade Suit 3Club Suit 10Diamond Suit 7Diamond Suit

Atchison was eliminated in sixth place.

Anthony Roux Eliminated in Fifth Place ($120,311)

Anthony Roux raised to 80,000 in the small blind, and Joe Morneau reraised to 220,000 from the big blind.

Roux moved in, and Morneau called. Roux showed ASpade Suit 8Diamond Suit, and Morneau produced a dominating AClub Suit QClub Suit.

The board came out 10Diamond Suit 6Diamond Suit 2Club Suit 7Heart Suit KHeart Suit, and Roux was eliminated in fifth place.

Joe Morneau Eliminated in Fourth Place ($166,584)

Jordan Smith limped in the small blind, and Joe Morneau checked his option. The flop came QDiamond Suit 9Diamond Suit 8Heart Suit, and Smith bet 70,000.

Morneau called, and the turn was the KDiamond Suit. Smith bet 150,000, and Morneau called once again. The river was the 2Club Suit, and Smith bet 325,000. Morneau moved all in, and Smith called, showing 10Diamond Suit 8Diamond Suit. Morneau had a flush, as well, but it was lower with the 7Diamond Suit 4Diamond Suit.

Laurence Grondin Eliminated in Third Place ($237,537)

On a flop of 8Diamond Suit 5Diamond Suit 3Heart Suit, Ken Lennaard checked, and Laurence Gondin bet 80,000.

Lennaard check-raised to 500,000, Grondin moved all in, and Lennaard called with 5Spade Suit 3Spade Suit.

Grondin was behind with QDiamond Suit 8Club Suit for top pair, and stayed that way when the turn and river came 10Spade Suit and KHeart Suit.

Jordan Smith Wins Event No. 36 ($586,212) Ken Lennaard Eliminated in Second Place ($360,439)

Ken Lennard raised to 300,000, and Jordan Smith made the call. The flop came out 8Diamond Suit 4Diamond Suit 3Diamond Suit, and Lennaard bet 350,000.

Smith moved all in, and Lennaard called for his tournament life with JDiamond Suit 8Heart Suit. Smith showed 9Diamond Suit 7Diamond Suit for the flopped flush and need to avoid any more diamonds to take the tournament.

The turn and river came 3Heart Suit 6Spade Suit and Lennaard was eliminated, earning $360,439. Smith picked up his first gold bracelet and $586,212.