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EPT -- Grand Final Day 2

Numbers Plummet as Pros Hit the Rail One After Another


The two starting days’ survivors made their way to the Sporting complex at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel today for day 2 of the European Poker Tour Grand Final. It was announced that an overall total of 935 players entered this year’s Final, creating a prize pool worth €9,350,000, including the first-place prize of €2,300,000 ($3 million).

Ivan DemidovThe 527-strong field that turned out today was quickly decimated, and unofficial reports at the end of the day say there are 149 players returning tomorrow. It was a bad day in particular for Team PokerStars Pro, because as the day went on, its members went out. Ivan Demidov (pictured left) and Raymond Rahme were the first to go. Then Dario Minieri joined them, followed later by Noah Boeken, Bertrand Grospellier, Vicky Coren, Chad Brown, and Peter Eastgate.

Other casualties of the day included Andy Bloch, Arnaud Mattern, Casey Kastle, Victor Ramdin, Liz Lieu, Adam Levy, Jonathan Aguiar, James Obst, Peter Neff, Andy Black, Chris Ferguson, Danny Ryan, and David Saab.

Vadim Shlez leaped in to the lead mid-session with a chip stack worth 420,000, but by the end of the day, Annette Obrestad was the one holding the top spot on the leader board with 578,000 in chips. Official chip counts will be posted as soon as they have been released.

Day 3 begins tomorrow at noon CEST (3 a.m. PDT), and all of the action can be followed right here at in live updates, chip counts, and photos as the Grand Final approaches the money.

Here is a look at the highlights from day 2 as featured in’s reporting team’s live updates:

Daniel Negreanu Eliminated

A short stacked Daniel Negreanu gets it all in with K-6 from the hijack. The big blind calls and, unfortunately for Negreanu, flips over pocket aces. The board is Q-7-6-2-X, and Negreanu hits the rail.

Sorel MizziSorel Scoops a Big One

Chaos has broken out on one of the most terrifying tables on the floor. Sebastian Ruthenberg raises to 3,100 in late position. The player two seats to his left calls, and Sorel Mizzi makes it 12,200. Ruthenberg folds, the other player shoves, and Mizzi insta-calls, flipping over A K. His opponent shows pocket nines.

The first cards out make it pretty clear that another player will bite the dust: A K 10, but a 9 can still make an appearance. However, the turn and river fall 7 and the 7, and Mizzi clears the way for a new player at the table of doom.

William Fry Eliminated

William Fry did his best with a short-stack throughout the day and managed to improve slightly until he tangled with Ami Barer. Fry bet 8,400 on the turn with a flop of Q 7 10 2 showing, and Barer called. The K came on the river, and both players checked it down. Fry showed 9 8 for a busted straight draw, and Barer flipped over pocket jacks, knocking the EPT Budapest champion out of the Grand Final mid-session.

Denes Kalo Eliminated

The runner-up from last year’s Grand Final, Denes Kalo, was eliminated in a hand where he tangled with Marcel Luske. Kalo moved all in on the turn of an A-J-9-A board, and Luske called him down. When they flipped up their cards, Kalo was looking good with pocket nines in the hole until Luske revealed pocket jacks to win the hand and eliminate Kalo from the event.