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WPT Championship -- Day 4

The Money Bubble Bursts


Chris Ferguson and Jennifer HarmanDay 4 at the 2009 World Poker Tour Championship at Bellagio saw 62 players return. Action began with just a dozen players needing to fall before the money bubble burst. It took two levels of action for that feat to take place, and the players who fell very close to the money included Jimmy Fricke, Sam Farha, Chad Batista, Michael DeMichele, Quinn Do, Kathy Liebert, Dutch Boyd, Steve Brecher, and Mike Matusow. Once the bubble burst, action predictably picked up for the final three levels of the day. At the end of the night, 24 players remained. They will return at noon tomorrow for day 5, where action is scheduled to play down to the final 10 players. Here is a look at the in-the-money eliminations on day 4:

50: Cody Slaubaugh — $32,685

49: Matt Glantz — $32,685

48: Naseem Salem — $32,685

47: Farzad Bonyadi — $32,685

46: Javed Abrahams — $32,685

45: Jimmy Tran — $32,685

44: David Benyamine — $32,685

43: Evan McNiff — $32,685

42: Steve Fung — $32,685

41: David Singer — $32,685

40: Boris Becker — $40,855

39: Will Failla — $40,855

38: Mark Seif — $40,855

37: Liv Boeree — $40,855

36: Jonathan Aguiar — $40,855

35: Steve Sung — $40,855

34: Phil Ivey — $40,855

33: Barny Boatman — $40,855

32: Ulises Roman — $40,855

31: Chris Bell — $40,855

30: Philip Gurian — $49,025

29: David Baker — $49,025

28: Chris Ferguson — $49,025

27: Nenad Medic — $49,025

26: Steve Billirakis — $49,025

25: Hyon Kim — $49,025

Here is a look at the top of the leader board at the end of day 3:

Eugene Katchalov: 4,294,000

Christian Harder: 3,083,000

Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 2,613,000

Justin Young: 2,553,000

Brian Rast: 1,931,000

Scotty Nguyen: 1,823,000

Andrew Lichtenberger: 1,663,000

Freddy Deeb: 1,575,000

Ross Boatman: 1,545,000

Owen Crowe: 1,500,000

Check out the entire list of chip counts and eliminations here.

Here is a look at the highlights from the day as featured in’s live updates:

Ross Boatman Doubles Up

Yevgeniy Timoshenko raised to 50,000 under the gun, and Ross Boatman reraised from middle position to 200,000. Timoshenko reraised to 480,000, and Boatman moved all in for 949,000 total. Timoshenko called him down. Their cards:

Timoshenko: A K

Boatman: A A

Board: Q J 5 2 6

Boatman doubled up to 1,940,000 on the hand, and Timoshenko was knocked down to 1,715,000.

Phil IveyPhil Ivey Eliminated in 34th Place ($40,855)

Scotty Nguyen raised from the cutoff to 55,000, and Phil Ivey reraised to 125,000 from the small blind. Nguyen reraised to 325,000, and Ivey moved all in for 480,000. Nguyen made the call, and they flipped up their cards:

Nguyen: A 9

Ivey: A K

Board: 9 7 5 7 8

Ivey was eliminated on the hand in 34th place, and he will take home $40,855 in prize money. Nguyen was up to 2,075,000 after the hand to join the chip leaders.

Barny Boatman Eliminated in 33rd Place ($40,855)

Christian Harder raised to 58,000 under the gun, and Andrew Lichtenberger made the call from middle position. Barny Boatman then moved all in, and Harder mucked. Lichtenberger made the call, and they flipped up their cards:

Licthenberger: K K

Boatman: 10 8

Board: A J 3 4 A

Boatman was eliminated on the hand in 33rd place, and he will take home $40,855 in prize money. Lichtenberger was up to 1,420,000 after the hand.

Chris Ferguson Eliminated in 28th Place ($49,035)

Chris Ferguson was short-stacked and all in holding Q 9 against Eric Liu’s pocket threes.

The board came out 8 7 6 A 3, and Ferguson was eliminated in 28th place. Liu now has over 1 million in chips.

Nenad MedicNenad Medic Eliminated in 27th Place ($49,025)

On a board of Q Q 2 J 8, Nenad Medic is all in holding 10 9 for a straight. Unfortunately, the river gave Yevgeniy Timoshenko a full house with his pocket eights to send Medic home in 27th place.

Timoshenko now has 1,900,000.

Steve Billirakis Eliminated in 26th Place ($49,025)

Scott Nguyen raised, and Billirakis moved all in for 540,000. Christian Harder called, and Nguyen folded A-K face up.

Harder showed A-K, as well, and Bilirakis was a favorite to double up with his pocket jacks. Except the A hit the flop, and Billirakis was eliminated. Harder now has 2,795,000.