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WPT Championship -- Day 1B

The Total Player Count Stands at 337 Players


The second day-one flight of the 2009 World Poker Tour Championship attracted 211 players, to bring the total player count up to 337. The first-place prize will be $2,143,655, and the top 50 players will make the money. The field size is down 208 players from the field of 545 from last year, when the first-place prize was $3,389,140. Here is a look at the payout structure:

1: $2,143,655
2: $1,441,975
3: $773,940
4: $570,265
5: $407,340
6: $285,135
7: $203,670
8: $162,935
9: $130,350
10: $97,760
11-15: $81,470
16-20: $65,175
21-30: $48,880
31-40: $40,735
41-50: $32,585

The starting stacks of 100,000 effectively kept play slow once again, and only a handful of players busted during the five, 90-minute levels on day 1B. The unfortunate few included Allen Cunningham, Lyle Berman, Clonie Gowen, Ryan Young, Soheil Shamseddin, and Jon Kalmar. At the end of day 1B, fewer than 200 players remained. The surviving players from today and day 1A will combine tomorrow at noon for the march down to the final table of six. Here is a look at the chip counts at the end of the night:

Daniel Fuhs: 254,200
Steve Billirakis: 232,450
Justin Young: 231,425
Mohamad Kowssarie: 230,000
Blake Cahail: 221,675
J.C. Tran: 218,300
Freddy Deeb: 210,425
Brian Rast: 207,500
Shawn Cunix: 206,850
Mark Seif: 206,775

Here is a look at the highlights from day 1B as featured in’s live updates:

Boris BeckerBrian Rast Strikes Early Against Jon Kalmar

On a board reading J 9 5 6 2, Brian Rast bet 45,000, and Jon Kalmar made the call. Rast showed 8 7, for the straight and Kalmar took a hit down to 23,000. After the hand Rast, was up to 170,000.

Boris Becker Takes a Hit

Justin Smith, Boris Becker, and the button saw a flop of 10 7 2, and Smith checked in the small blind. Becker bet 1,550 from the big blind, and the button mucked. Smith made the call, and the turn fell 5. Smith checked, and Becker fired out 3,500. Smith made the call, and the river fell 2. Smith checked, and Becker bet 11,000. Smith raised to 37,000, and Becker made the call with A A. Smith turned up 10 10. Becker was knocked down to 54,000, and Smith was up to 144,000.

Dan "Lenny" Heimiller Cracks Scott Clements and His Aces

A unknown player raised preflop in early position, and Scott Clements, Dan Heimiller, and the big blind made the call. The flop came out K-9-8 with two diamonds, and Clements bet 1,700. Heimiller raised to 4,000, and Clements called. The turn was a 5, and Clements bet 17,000. Heimiller called, and the river was an offsuit ace. Heimiller bet 17,000, Clements raised to 50,000, and Heimiller moved all in for 69,000. Clements made the call with a set of aces, but Heimiller showed 7 6 for a turned straight. The pot was enough to give Heimiller about 190,000, while Clements took a hit down to 25,000.

Matt VengrinMatt Vengrin Takes the Chip Lead

Seat 8 bet 16,500 into a 22,000 pot with J 6 4 2 sitting on the board. Matt Vengrin raised to 55,000, and seat 8 moved all in after a couple of minutes of deliberation. Vengrin made the call, and they flipped up their cards:

Vengrin: 5 3
Seat 8: 2 2

River: A

Vengrin won the hand and eliminated his opponent. He grew his stack to 200,000, which was enough to move him into the chip lead.

Shannon Shorr Wins a Nice Pot

Shannon Shorr raised to 1,300, and Victor Ramdin reraised to 4,500. Erik Cajelais and Shorr both made the call. The flop was dealt 10 8 3, and everyone checked. The turn fell 2, and Shorr checked. Cajelais bet 15,000, and Shorr made the call. Shorr turned up A K, and Cajelais mucked a king. Shorr grew his stack to 86,000, while Cajelais holds strong at 94,000.

Tony Cousineau Bluffs!

The board read Q 7 5 6, and Mizrachi bet 4,000. Tony Cousineau raised to 15,000, and Mizrachi called. The river was the 3, and Mizrachi checked. Cousineau moved all in for about 32,000, and Mizrachi went into the tank.

Mizrachi was so confused that he flipped a coin to make his decision. Despite the fact that the flip told him to call, he eventually folded, and Cousineau revealed A-J high for a busted flush draw. He now has about 75,000 in chips.