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Poker's David Grey Gives the Inside Scoop on Andy Beal

High-Stakes Player Reflects on the Biggest Game in History


David Grey tells about how he coaxed Andy Beal into the Big Game.It was the Durrrr challenge on steroids. And truthfully, that description doesn’t do it justice.

In 2001, Andy Beal challenged the greatest poker pros in Las Vegas to heads-up games that saw $10 million swings. It was Beal vs. “The Corporation,” immortalized in Michael Craig’s novel The Professor, The Banker, and The Suicide King.

Now, on this week’s episode of The Scoop on Card Player TV (sponsored by Full Tilt), you can hear all of the details about how the Texas billionaire made his way to Vegas to challenge the likes of Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese, Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Ted Forrest, and Jennifer Harman.

David Grey, who has been a fixture in the high-stakes cash games for years, tells The Scoop’s hosts Adam Schoenfeld and Diego Cordovez about how he met Beal and how he introduced him to the Big Game.

In a riveting description of the first few days when the poker community was introduced to Beal, Grey describes how even “the ultimate high roller,” Brunson, was surprised to learn of the stakes Beal wanted to play at.

Grey also talks about how truly fortunate The Corporation was in those first few days of play, saying that while they, of course, had an edge over Beal, they ran exceptionally well in their heads-up limit hold’em games. Grey even surmises that the high-stakes cash games could have been stunted for quite a while if Beal had gotten off to a fast start.

Watch the first part of Grey’s interview right now on Card Player TV. The second part of the interview, featuring Ivey’s legendary game with Beal, will be featured next week.



13 years ago

instead of telling us stuff we already know... why don't you concentrate on setting up new opontents or getting beal off his high horse to come back.... advertising past accomplishments only cost money... it does not make money....


13 years ago

LMAO. Great comment ZionKid, I could not have said it better.