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New Free Poker Training Video Features $5,000 Heads-Up

Evan '_Fisherman' Roberts Analyzes a Big Bluff at a High-Stakes Heads-Up Table


Evan '_Fisherman' RobertsThis week's free poker video training clip from Card Player Pro (powered by PokerSavvy Plus) features Evan “_Fisherman” Roberts. In this video, Roberts discusses a big bluff that he made at a $25-$50 heads-up no-limit hold'em table against a passive, tilty opponent. This video, as well as three additional free clips by other instructors, is currently available on the Card Player Pro preview page.

In the video clip, Roberts discusses some of his opponent's faults that result in him being an easy player to play against, including playing too straightforwardly. Roberts uses his knowledge of the player to turn top pair with A-J into a bluff on a board of A-9-8-7-7 to get his opponent to fold what he believes is trip sevens. Roberts goes through his thought process in the hand and then also discusses why he decided to show his bluff against this particular opponent.

That entire video can be viewed by members of Card Player Pro, as well as the full video catalog from PokerSavvy Plus. A seven-day trial membership is also available and gives full access to the videos and the site’s other features.

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The Card Player Pro/PokerSavvy Plus team of pros includes Michael “SirWatts” Watson, Justin “WPTHero” Rollo, Dani “ansky” Stern, Tony “Bond18” Dunst, Andrew “Foucault” Brokos, Christian “Charder30” Harder, Tom “LearnedfromTV” Chambers, and Evan “_Fisherman” Roberts.

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