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WPT -- Southern Poker Championship Day 2

Grueling Day Leaves 27 in the Money


Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Southern Poker Championship began with one goal in mind, make the money. With only 27 players set to get paid, the returning field of 175 knew they would be in for a long day, but nobody could have anticipated the 16-hour marathon that ensued. Play began at noon and didn't wrap up until just after 4:00 a.m. local time.

Hand of the Day:

Mike LeahThe Money Bubble Finally Burst

With hand-for-hand play going strong, Mike Leah raised in late position, and Allen Carter put him all in from the big blind. After a tanking for a bit, Leah made the call and showed A K. Carter could only produce a dominated K Q.

No matter, because the board ran out J 9 4 10 8, giving Carter the nut straight and leaving everyone but Leah with a tired smile on their face. 

Day 2 Notable Eliminations:

Mike "GoLeafsGoEh" Leah, Keven "Stammdog" Stammen, Danny Wong, Paul "UCLABRUINZ" Smith, Allen Kessler, Clonie Gowen, David Singer.

Chip Counts:

Here is a look at the leader board heading into day 3, along with the rest of the notables still in contention:

  1. Allen Carter — 776,000
  2. Tyler Smith — 695,000
  3. Stewart Yancik — 619,000
  4. Florian Langmann — 603,000
  5. Soheil Shamseddin — 560,000
  6. Jenna Delk — 508,000
  7. Chuck Kim — 467,000
  8. Hevad Khan — 443,000
  9. Bobby Suer — 432,000
  10. Bernard Lee — 300,000

Notables: Justin Phillips (263,000), Tony Cousineau (206,000), Ben "BFineman" Fineman (198,000), Ted Lawson (185,000), Mohsin "ChicagoCards1" Charania (139,000), Vanessa Rousso (129,000), Jordan Morgan (16,000).