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APPT -- Van Marcus Wins Manila Main Event

The Young Australian Wins the Longest APPT Event Ever


The $2,080 no-limit hold’em main event at the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour stop in Manila began on Thursday, Nov. 13, and attracted 285 players. The first-place prize that awaited the winner of the final table was $162,856, but first that champion would have to fight his way through a long final nine on Sunday, Nov. 16.

Lee NelsonHere were the chip counts at the start of the final table:

Seat 1: Tae Jun Noh -- 466,000
Seat 2: Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson -- 238,000
Seat 3: Van Marcus -- 438,000
Seat 4: Benjamin Lim -- 115,000
Seat 5: Rainier Aquino -- 40,000
Seat 6: Hyoung Jin Nam -- 561,000
Seat 7: Manish Sansi -- 192,000
Seat 8: Chang Yong Suk -- 539,000
Seat 9: Ramil Tandoc -- 184,000

The final table (14 hours total) and the heads-up match (three hours) were the longest in the history of the APPT. The eliminations fell slow and steady during the final table, leaving the final match between Van Marcus and Tae Jun Noh as the hardest fought of the night, as a prize difference of $59,714 up for grabs. Here were the heads-up chip counts:

Van Marcus: 1,674,000
Tae Jun Noh: 1,100,000

Final Hand:

After three hours of heads-up play Marcus moved all in on a flop of 8 6 3 and Noh made the all-in call. Their cards:

Marcus: 9 7
Noh: J 8

Turn and River: 10 J

Marcus was overjoyed when he finally won the heads-up match and the long tournament. He took home $162,856 and a championship trophy for the win. Noh took home $103,142 for finishing in second place. 

Final-Table Results:

1: Van Marcus -- $162,856
2: Tae Jun Noh -- $103,142
3: Hyoung Jin Nam -- $54,285
4: Michael Chang -- $37,999
5: Ramil Tandoc -- $29,134
6: Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson -- $21,714
7: Manish Sansi -- $16,285
8: Benjie Lim -- $12,485
9: Rainier Aquino -- $9,228

The next stop on the APPT will be the APPT Grand Final in Sydney, Australia. The $4,724 no-limit hold'em main event will run from Dec. 2-7.