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WPT -- Day 5 of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals

Jonathan Little, Jonathan Jaffe, David Pham, and Mike Matusow Make Final Table


Jonathan JaffeIt was a short day for the World Poker Tour, as the final 10 competitors resumed play in the ballroom just outside the Great Cedar hotel in Foxwoods, Connecticut. Here were the 10 players and their chip counts:

Seat 1: David Pham — 1,242,000
Seat 2: Jonathan Jaffe — 1,780,000
Seat 3: Jonathan Little — 1,407,000
Seat 4: Dimitri Haskaris — 945,000
Seat 5: Tom Nguyen — 615,000
Seat 6: Henry Doiban — 591,000
Seat 7: Charles Marchese — 963,000
Seat 8: Jack Schanbacher — 1,600,000
Seat 9: Mike Matusow — 1,857,000
Seat 10: Anthony Newman — 1,391,000

The field needed to be trimmed by four, and that process took just five hours. Here's how it all went down according to's live updates page:

Mike MatusowTom Nguyen Eliminated in 10th Place ($36,826)

Anthony Newman limped, and Dimitri Haskaris completed from the small blind. Tom Nguyen checked his option from the big blind, and the flop came Q 9 7.

Haskaris checked, and Nguyen bet 60,000. Newman folded, and Haskaris called.

The turn was the 10, and after Nguyen bet, Haskaris moved in. Nguyen called with Q 6 for top pair and a diamond flush draw, but Haskaris had caught his gin card and showed J 8 for a flush draw with the made straight.

Nguyen needed a diamond to stay alive, but the river was the 10, eliminating him in 10th place. He earned $36,826 for his efforts.

Henry Doiban Eliminated in Ninth Place ($44,600)

Jonathan Jaffe raised to 80,000, and Henry Doiban moved all in holding pocket tens. Jaffe made the call with A Q, and the two were off to the races.

The board came J 6 2 A 6, and Jaffe paired his ace on the turn to bust Doiban in ninth place.

This was Doiban's first major tournament. He played a satellite after being urged by good friend Eugene Todd, and it seemed to have paid off handsomely to the tune of $44,600.


David PhamCharles Marchese Doubles Up

Charles Marchese raised to 90,000, and Dimitri Haskaris called from the big blind. The flop came Q 6 4, and Haskaris moved all in. Marchese called with the A Q and was ahead of Haskaris and his K 9 flush draw.

The turn and river came J and 6, and Marchese doubled up to just under 1.1 million. Haskaris took a major hit down to 1.5 million.

Dimitri Haskaris Eliminated in Eighth Place ($58,148)

Jonathan Jaffe raised to 72,000, and Dimitri Haskaris reraised to 172,000. Jaffe called, and the flop came K 10 9.

Haskaris checked, and Jaffe bet 250,000. Haskaris check-raised to 600,000, and Jaffe reraised to 1 million. Haskaris put it all in for 1.3 million, and Jaffe called wth Q J for the nut straight.

Haskaris showed a set of tens and needed the board to pair, but the turn and river came J and 6 to give the massive pot to Jaffe and send Haskaris home in eighth place. He earned $58,148 for his final-table finish.

Jaffe then had an overwhelming chip lead with 3.7 million.

Jonathan LittleCharles Marchese Doubles Up

Charles Marchese raised to 120,000, and Mike Matusow reraised to 360,000. Marchese moved all in for an additional 479,000, and Matusow called, showing pocket tens.

Marchese showed pocket kings, and the board bricked out. Matusow now had just over 700,000 in chips.

Anthony Newman Eliminated in Seventh Place ($85,283)

Anthony Newman was all in with pocket fours against the K Q of Jonathan Little.

The board came Q 9 5 A 2, and Newman was eliminated in seventh place. He earned $85,283 for his final-table performance.

Chip Counts

Here are the official chip counts and seating assignments for tomorrow's final table, which begins at 5 p.m. ET.

Seat 1: David Pham — 2,038,000
Seat 2: Jonathan Jaffe — 4,131,000
Seat 3: Jonathan Little — 2,021,000
Seat 4: Charles Marchese — 1,718,000
Seat 5: Jack Schanbacher — 1,592,000
Seat 6: Mike Matusow — 816,000