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WSOP: Max Greenwood Wins Event No. 44

Rene Mouritsen Finishes Runner-Up for the Third Time


Max GreenwoodWith perhaps the loudest cheering section of the Series, Max "InYaFace" Greenwood came out on top in event no. 44, the $1,000 no-limit hold'em with rebuys tournament. Greenwood was down to the felt and in need of a miracle two-outer on the river, and when it came, he parlayed his new life into his first World Series of Poker bracelet.

Here were the chip counts heading into the final table:

Seat 1: Scott Freeman - 675,000
Seat 2: Max Greenwood - 728,000
Seat 3: Curtis Kohlberg - 209,000
Seat 4: Rene Mouritsen - 1,007,000
Seat 5: Alex Bolotin - 308,000
Seat 6: Albert Iversen - 921,000
Seat 7: Aliaksandr Dzianisau - 186,000
Seat 8: Phung Ngo - 556,000
Seat 9: Jesse Chinni - 2,160,000

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in’s live coverage of the final table:

Alex BolotinAlex Bolotin Eliminated in Ninth Place ($63,183)

Alex Bolotin raised to 52,000 and Albert Iversen reraised to 132,000. Bolotin called and the flop came A106. Both players checked to the turn which was the 7. Bolotin moved all in for 112,000 and Iversen instantly called with the A10 for top two pair. Bolotin revealed his slowplayed AK and needed help on the river to survive. The river was the 9 and Bolotin was sent to the rail in ninth place.

Phung Ngo Eliminated in Eighth Place ($87,484)

Max Greenwood raised to 50,000, Rene Mouritsen reraised to 170,000 and Phung Ngo moved all in from the blinds for 250,000. Greenwood got out of the way and Mouritsen made the call. Ngo showed pocket eights and Mouritsen turned over AJ. The board ran out A10465 and Ngo was eliminated in eighth place.

Curtis KohlbergCurtis Kohlberg Eliminated in Seventh Place ($111,786)

Max Greenwood raised to 310,000 from the small blind, essentially putting Curtis Kohlberg all in behind him. Kohlberg made the call and turned over A7, and was slightly ahead of Greenwood's K8. But, the board ran out K10410Q giving Greenwood the pot and sending Kohlberg home in seventh place.

Aliaksandr Dzianisau Eliminated in Sixth Place ($144,187)

Rene Mouritsen puts Aliaksandr Dzianisau all in and gets insta-called. Mouritsen showed J7 and Dzianisau turned over QQ. Dzianisau took a bad beat, however, when the board came JJ4AA, sending him packing in sixth place.

Jesse ChinniJesse Chinni Eliminated in Fifth Place ($183,069)

Rene Mouritsen raised to 60,000 and Jesse Chinni reraised to 180,000. Mouritsen reraised to 360,000 and Chinni moved all in for just over 1 million. Mouritsen instantly called, tabling pocket aces, and Chinni was well behind with AK. The board came Q5446 and Chinni, the initial chip leader at this final table, was eliminated in fifth place. Mouritsen now has a massive, massive chip lead.

Fast and Furious

All of the above action happened within a span of just 22 hands. The players had yet to play a full level before pausing to gather their composure.

Scott Freeman Doubles Up

Scott Freeman was down to his last 6 big blinds and got it all in preflop against Albert Iversen. Freeman showed AJ and it held up against Iversen's K8 to double him up to over 300,000.

Scott FreemanScott Freeman Eliminated in Fourth Place ($223,572)

Scott Freeman got the last of his short stack all in against Rene Mouritsen. Freeman held A7, but was dominated by Mouritsen's AK. The board came 8621010 and Freeman was eliminated in fourth place.

Max Greenwood Doubles Up

Max Greenwood was all in holding 55 against Rene Mouritsen's AJ. Things looked bad for Greenwood when the board came A83K, but the 5 on the river gave him the double up to over 900,000.

Albert IversenMax Greenwood Vaults Up to the Chip Lead

Max Greenwood was all in against Rene Mouritsen for the second time in four hands. Greenwood showed A4 and Mouritsen revealed Q10. The board came KK6AA and Greenwood's full house doubled him up to over 1.3 million in chips.

A few hands later he doubled through Mouritsen yet again. He got it in with pocket nines against Mouritsen's 8-7 suited, and it held to put him at nearly 2 million in chips. Mouritsen took a hit down to 1.5 million.

Just a few hands later, Greenwood took more than 800,000 from Albert Iversen when he rivered top two pair. This pot gave him 2.8 million and the chip lead.

Albert Iversen Eliminated in Third Place ($267,314)

On a flop of 852 Rene Mouritsen put Albert Iversen all in and he instantly made the call. Iversen showed his flopped set with 55 but had to fade a bunch of outs from Mouritsen's A3. The turn was the 10 and Iversen needed the board to pair to stay alive. The river was the Q and he was eliminated in third place.

Rene MouritsenMax Greenwood Wins Event No. 44 ($693,444)

After taking over the chip lead, Max Greenwood and Rene Mourtisen saw a jack high flop. Mouritsen bet 175,000 and Greenwood check raised to 500,000. Mouritsen moved all in and Greenwood made the call. Mouritsen showed K-J, but he was dominated by Greenwood's A-J. The turn and river failed to bring any miracle kings, and Greenwood took down the title.

Rene Mouritsen finished runner-up for the third time in his career, earning $445,523.