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Joel Deutsch Wins 2024 Borgata Spring Poker Open Main Event

$2,000,000 Guaranteed Event Overlays $249,120 With 706 Total Entries In The $2,700 Buy-in Tournament


Joel Deutsch emerged victorious from a field of 706 entries in the 2024 Borgata Spring Poker Open $2,700 no-limit hold’em main event, walking away with the title and a career-best payday of $347,224.

Prior to this victory, Deutsch’s largest cash was a $170,0000 win in the 2021 Prime Poker Open. This latest score grew Deutsch’s lifetime earnings to $1.1 million.

“It’s nice to show that hard work really pays off,” Joel Deutsch told live reporters after coming out on top. “This was for my kids.”

“Both of my daughters were sweating me. This one was a full sweat. They’re still on a delay and I’m not telling them,” he continued, referencing the live stream of the final table.

This event’s $2,000,000 guarantee was not met, with the 706-entry turnout resulting in a $249,120 overlay. The top 103 finishers cashed, with six-figure payouts for the final four.

The final day began with seven remaining, with Deutsch in the lead. Max Hoffman was the first to fall, with his A-10 suited losing to the pocket tens of George Cain. Hoffman earned $46,360 as the sixth-place finisher.

Tony Sinishtaj soon followed, getting all-in with K-Q trailing the A-Q of Justin Vaysman. Ace high played by the river and Sinishtaj, a world Poker Tour champion and 2022 Wynn Millions main event winner, was sent to the rail with $58,317 for his efforts.

Carlos Alvarado also ran K-Q into A-Q, with Deutsche holding the dominating hand. An ace-high runout sent Alvarado packing in fifth place ($79,749).

Deutsch’s surge continued when his A-4 held against the 9-8 suited of short stack Justin Vaysman (4th – $108,598).

George Cain soon followed, with his ace-high bluff on the turn running into a flopped set of threes for Andrew Voor. Cain had no outs and was eliminated in third place ($165,256).

Heads-up play began with Deutsch holding a slight lead over Voor. In just a few hands it was all over. Voor raised to 2.5 big blinds on the button with AHeart Suit2Heart Suit and Deutsch three-bet to 8 big blinds with KClub SuitJHeart Suit. Voor called and the flop came down KHeart Suit6Heart Suit6Diamond Suit. Deutsch made a continuation bet with his kings and sixes and called when Voor moved all-in with his flush draw. The JSpade Suit turn and 4Diamond Suit river locked up the win for Deutsch, while Voor earned $239,000 as the runner-up finisher.

Here is a look at the payouts and POY points awarded at the final table:

Place Player Earnings POY Points
1 Joel Deutsch $347,224 1368
2 Andrew Voor $239,654 1140
3 George Cain $165,256 912
4 Justin Vaysman $108,598 684
5 Carlos Alvarado $74,979 570
6 Tony Sinishtaj $58,317 456
7 Max Hoffman $46,360 342
8 Tanupat Punjarojanakul $37,110 228
9 Stanton Tentnowski $29,642 114

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