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Woman Gets Surprise Payout After Collecting Lottery Winnings

Tears Flow After Discovering $10,000 Jackpot Was Actually Worth $100,000


Most gamblers would consider a $10,000 score a nice day. Perhaps a nice vacation would be in order or it might be worth putting a few bucks away for the kids’ college education. A South Carolina woman thought this might be the case recently when she scored a nice win on a Powerball ticket.

After trying to redeem the ticket for her winnings, however, she was in for a big surprise. This winner came away with much more money than she believed was coming to her – instead collecting $100,000 for her lucky lotto numbers.

“I thought maybe I won $10,000 at the most, but I didn’t know,” she told South Carolina Education Lottery officials. “I’m so very grateful.”

Lucky Lotto Visit

The winner, who didn’t reveal her name, doesn’t play the lottery often, but took a chance on a quick pick at a convenience store in the state’s Lowcountry region.

After the drawing, the convenience store employee scanned the ticket to see if she’d won anything. The employee told her that the machine simply said: “Claim at lottery.”

That trip to the lottery offices turned out to be quite a visit. She ended up winning 10 times more than she originally believed after matching four white ball numbers and the red Powerball number. The accomplishment comes with odds of 1 in 913,129.

“I started crying,” she said. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought something like that would have happened to me.”

Lottery Winners Cash In Big

This may not be the largest lottery win making headlines, but turned out to be a nice story for one lucky player. In August, the Mega Millions saw a much larger winner after growing to $1.6 billion with one player claiming the ticket for all that cash.

The payout became the third-largest lottery win in U.S. history. The winning ticket is believed to have been sold to a Florida resident at a Publix supermarket in Neptune Beach.

The largest jackpot ever was awarded in November 2022 when a Powerball player in California collected more than $2 billion.