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WATCH: Poker Pro Garrett Adelstein Gets His Revenge On High-Stakes Slow Roller

One Week Later, Karma Rewards Adelstein With $389,500 Pot


Adelstein On High Stakes Poker Credit Antonio Abrego / PokerGOLast week, high-stakes cash game pro Garrett Adelstein demonstrated a lot of class when he shrugged off a brutal slow roll from his opponent Dylan Gang in a live streamed $100-$200-$400 no-limit hold’em game.

The fan-favorite Adelstein, who appeared on the CBS gameshow Survivor, was told his hand was good after making a big call in a $186,000 pot, only for Gang to add, “just kidding,” as he tabled the winner.

While the breach in poker etiquette might have set off many others, Adelstein quietly paid off the bet with barely a reaction. He later addressed the hand on social media, telling his followers that Gang is welcome to do as he pleases but has “an uphill battle if he thinks I’m affected by anything he does or says.”

On Friday, Adelstein and Gang sat down for round 2, once again streamed on Hustler Casino Live in Los Angeles. And this time karma reared its ugly head on Gang.

Adelstein bet $35,000 into a pot worth $88,700 holding 10Club Suit 9Club Suit on a board of 9Diamond Suit 6Heart Suit 2Diamond Suit 10Heart Suit. Gang then moved all in for $167,900 with the nut flush draw holding AHeart Suit 4Heart Suit.

Adelstein ultimately made the call, bringing the pot to $389,500.

Watch the hand below.

After the board bricked out with the 2Spade Suit, Gang announced that he had missed, admitting, “I have nothing.”

Adelstein had learned his lesson, however, and waited until he saw Gang turn over his cards.

As a shell-shocked Gang walked out of the room, Adelstein explained to the rest of the table, “I just didn’t know if he was going to slow roll me again.”

Adelstein is also appearing on this season of High Stakes Poker on PokerGO.

You can watch the slow roll that started it all below.

This also isn’t the first time that Gang has gone viral. In October of last year he was kicked out of a Lakers game for interacting with Rajon Rondo.