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Making The Most Of Your Casino Player's Card

Why You Never Gamble In A Casino Without One


Owning a player’s club card is among the surest ways of earning in a casino. You are given inducement as a motivation for having the card and as well pay you for it. You should ensure you have the player’s club card in any casino because of the following reasons.

1. Looking beyond the myths

People have been misguided when it comes to using the slot machine and the player’s card. They say that the casino has full control on whose card gets pulled out from the machine and the percentage of the chances of the pullout. Don’t listen to such misguided from different sources. The player’s card system and the slot machines are designed differently and hence are independent of each other. The casinos then go ahead and decide to add them differently. The winning chances of an individual are based on luck. There’s no correlation between the game’s outcome and whether a player’s card has been inserted. Casinos use Random Number Generators that do are independent from the card checking functionality.

2. Warrant compensation

Casinos will entice you with initial inducements after signing up for a player’s card as a way of thanking you for joining them. The points earned after playing using the card can be redeemed to use for pay in hotels, some supermarkets or settling other bills. Those points can be included when calculating the profits of the casino as they are the amount given during betting. In different cases, the rate of earning bonuses increase as you each time you attain a new level. This encourages one to use the card to get to new levels as they will earn bonuses.

Different casinos have different methods of operations, some have 0.25-1 percent interest mostly depending on your bet, which differs depending on how frequently you bet. If you bet with $20,000, that means between $50 and $200 gain or loss, depending on the interest percentage. If you use your money for betting or settling other bills like hotel bills or restaurants, you will either save or earn more money to move to other points during a trip. Some casinos have days where they increase their bonuses. Gambling on such days increases the chances of multiplying your points. I always look forward to such days in the casinos as I will definitely earn more. We have “all in one” cards like the Paysafecard in Switzerland that let you spend money at a casino without disclosing your credit card/bank account details to casinos.

3. Finer deals

Other than earning points for using player’s club card, you will get honorable offers when you use the card to play. Casinos evaluate offers depending on how much time you spend there when visit them, if you are a frequent visitor, how much money you use to bet and the last time you went to bet. Using this information, they come up with the Average Daily Theo (ADT). They will be able to see how much you lose depending on how much you invest in the casino. The higher the Average Daily Theo, the higher your chances of receiving bigger deals as they will see their loss can be recovered faster as you are a frequent visitor. All this can only be identified when you’re using your player’s card way it can be recorded in their system. So, if you pull out your card from the casino, your information is lost from their system.

On those days that when you’re sure that you won’t spend much time at the casino, using your card may lower your ADT and this isn’t a good thing. A low ADT may trigger lowered bonuses in future which definitely isn’t a good thing.



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