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Gambler Turns $10 Bet Into $154K With Longshot 11-Team Parlay

Unnamed BetMGM Bettor Picked 11 Bets Over Three Different Sports Last Weekend


Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the first time in history, all four American professional sports leagues are playing games during the same time frame. Add in the start of college football into the mix and you have a sports bettor’s dream.

With all the different bets up for grabs, one gambler turned a $10 bet into a six-figure win after placing an 11-team parlay over three different sports that would’ve otherwise never had their seasons aligned.

According to a report from Yahoo, the parlay was placed by a BetMGM customer and was made up mostly of college football bets. It was comprised of taking Georgia Tech moneyline, Arkansas State moneyline, Appalachian Sate under, University of North Carolina under, Iowa State under, Duke with the spread at +20.5, UTSA moneyline, Coastal Carolina moneyline, New York Yankees moneyline and the under of the Rockets-Lakers matchup.

All three of the college football moneyline bets were on sizable underdogs that were getting points with the spread and his two non-football bets were very close calls. The Yankees defeated the Orioles 2-1 in 10 innings and the Rockets-Lakers final score was under by just 2.5 points.

When all was said and done, the anonymous gambler won $154,341.28 for his longshot bet.