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Frank Crivello Wins 2020 World Series of Poker Online $800 Pot-Limit Omaha Double Stack Event

American Outlasts Field of 831 Entries To Earn His First Bracelet and $94,253


Frank Crivello has won the 2020 World Series of Poker Online $800 buy-in pot-limit Omaha double stack event. The American defeated a field of 831 total entries in the event to secure his first WSOP gold bracelet and the first-place prize of $94,253. This was his second final-table finish in a WSOP bracelet event, having finished fifth in the $3,200 online no-limit hold’em event held in 2018. His largest recorded tournament score came when he finished 40th in the 2017 WSOP main event for $176,399.

Crivello came into the nine-handed final table as the chip leader, and promptly eliminated Pulkit Goyal (9th – $8,854) to extend that advantage even further. Julijan Rados climbed into third place on the leaderboard by knocking out Ajay Chabra in eighth place ($12,080).

Markus Cara’s run in this event came to an end when his ADiamond Suit6Diamond Suit5Spade Suit5Diamond Suit failed to beat out the QSpade SuitQDiamond Suit8Heart Suit6Spade Suit of Crivello. Cara took home $16,480 as the seventh-place finisher, while Crivello extended his lead on his five remaining opponents.

Rados earned his second knockout at the final table, with this AHeart SuitADiamond SuitKHeart Suit4Diamond Suit making the nut flush on the turn to best the KSpade SuitQDiamond SuitQClub Suit7Club Suit of Jin Li (6th – $22,483). With that Rados joined Crivello as the only other player to surpass the eight-figure mark in chips.

Tszfai Tong was the next player to fall. They got their last chips in preflop with KDiamond SuitKClub Suit8Spade Suit2Heart Suit against the JHeart SuitJDiamond Suit6Club Suit4Club Suit of Crivello. Three clubs came off the deck to give Crivello a flush. Tong earned $30,672 as the fifth-place finisher.

Yonathan Journo also got the last of his stack in with pocket kings. His KHeart SuitKDiamond Suit6Diamond Suit4Spade Suit was up against the QHeart SuitQClub Suit7Diamond Suit3Spade Suit of Craig Timmis. The flop came down QDiamond Suit10Spade Suit4Diamond Suit to give Timmis top set, but Journo picked up a king-high flush draw. The 9Heart Suit turn and 2Heart Suit river was of no help and Journo was eliminated in fourth place, taking home $41,485 for his strong showing in this event.

Timmis was able to battle his way into the chip lead during three-handed action, but a massive hand between him and Crivello soon shifted the balance of power. Crivello raised to three big blinds from the button with AClub SuitADiamond SuitQClub Suit5Club Suit and Timmis called from the big blind holding ASpade SuitKSpade Suit7Heart Suit6Heart Suit. The flop came down 7Spade Suit4Club Suit2Spade Suit and Timmis checked. Crivello bet 1,750,000 and Timmis check-raised to 8,750,000 with his nut flush draw and pair of sevens. Crivello moved all-in for around 14.3 million total and Timmis called. The turn was the 8Diamond Suit and the river the 3Diamond Suit. Crivello made a straight on the end to lock up the pot, and in doing so took a commanding chip lead.

Timmis was able to knock out Julijan Rados in third place to close the gap somewhat, with his ADiamond SuitKHeart Suit10Diamond Suit9Heart Suit overcoming the AHeart SuitKDiamond Suit5Club Suit4Spade Suit of Rados to send the Croatian to the rail with $57,088. As a result, he entered heads-up play with 10.3 million to Crivello’s 31.2 million.

Timmis chipped up a bit and then doubled into the chip lead with a flopped full house against the flush draw of Crivello. The American was able to regain the advantage by the time the final hand was dealt, though. The two got all the chips in preflop with Crivello holding KHeart SuitKDiamond Suit6Spade Suit3Diamond Suit against the 6Heart Suit6Club Suit2Spade Suit2Club Suit of Timmis. Both players sit sets on the KClub Suit7Spade Suit2Heart Suit flop. The 9Diamond Suit on the turn and 5Club Suit on the river were of no help to Timmis, and Crivello’s higher set secured him the pot and the title. Timmis cashed for $77,883 as the runner-up finisher.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table:

Place Name Earnings
1 Frank Crivello $94,253
2 Craig Timmis $77,883
3 Julijan Rados $57,088
4 Yonathan Journo $41,485
5 Tszfai Tong $30,672
6 Jin Li $22,483
7 Markus Cara $16,480
8 Ajay Chabra $12,080
9 Pulkit Goyal $8,854