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Online World Series of Poker Super Circuit: Champie 'kiddchamp' Douglas Wins Main Event

The $200,000 Guaranteed Event Drew 1,134 Entries To Create A $567,000 Final Prize Pool


The marquee event of the 2020 Super Circuit Series is now in the books. The $200,000 guaranteed, $525 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event kicked off at 2:00 p.m. PST on Sunday, March 29. By the time registration came to a close nearly four hours after the first digital cards were dealt, a total of 1,134 entries had been made, with 763 unique players and 371 re-entries. As a result, the prize pool surged to $567,000, beating the guarantee by $367,000.

Champie 'kiddchamp' DouglasIt took 12 hours and 28 minutes to narrow the massive field down to a winner, but in the early morning hours, Champie ‘kiddchamp’ Douglas emerged victorious with his first WSOPC gold ring and the top prize of $134,410.

Douglas defeated a stacked final table on his road to the title, including overcoming 2017 WSOP main event champion Scott “2Due4U” Blumstein heads-up to secure the title. Blumstein earned $68,890 as the runner-up finisher.

Two-time World Poker Tour champion Brian “JackBogle” Altman took home $34,020 as the fourth-place finisher, after having previously won event 3 of this series for $32,781. 2016 WSOP main event runner-up finisher Gordon “veilleux” Vayo placed fifth for $28,350. It was his fourth cash of the series.

David “dwpoker” Williams earned $22,680 as the sixth-place finisher. The 2004 WSOP main event runner-up participated in quite the first hand after buying into this event. He took to Twitter to share the screenshot that saw him get all in with a set of eights against two opponents who had straight flush draws, one of whom already had flopped a straight. The lower straight flush draw got there on the turn, only to have the higher draw hit their one out on the river. Needless to say, Williams rebought and was able to earn a nice return eventually.

Other notables to make deep runs in this event included Eric “circleball” Baldwin (10th – $5,670), Ryan ‘adopt_adogg0’ Leng (16th – $3,402), Katie “katelin” Lindsay (32nd – $1,644), Nipun ‘javatini’ Jaca (46th – $1,304), and Ari ‘philivey’ Engel (55th – $1,247).

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table of the main event:

Rank Player Payout
1 Champie ‘kiddchamp’ Douglas $130,410
2 Scott ‘2Due4U’ Blumstein $68,890
3 Gage ‘greypoupon’ Doyne $45,360
4 Brian ‘JackBogle’ Altman $34,020
5 Gordon ‘veilleux’ Vayo $28,350
6 David ‘dwpoker’ Williams $22,680
7 Marcus ‘mjl56’ Laffen $16,443
8 Robert ‘Bob_Loblaw’ Brown $10,206
9 Jose ‘deposit’ Noboa $7,371

Prior to the main event, a trio of tournaments wrapped up over the weekend. With 16 of the 18 gold-ring events of this series now in the books, the $1,240,000 in series-long guarantees has now been surpassed by more than $2.2 million, with $3,480,795 in total prize money awarded.

Event 13 was a $75,000 guaranteed $320 buy-in no-limit hold’em six-max event that began at 4:00 p.m. PST on Thursday, Mar. 26. With 673 entries, the final prize pool grew to $201,900.

Thomas ‘OtB_RedBaron’ Lim came out on top in the end, earning $49,465 and his first WSOPC gold ring, while Simeon ‘evolved_one’ Knafo took home $27,761 as the runner-up.

Anthony 'heheh' ZinnoTwo-time WSOP bracelet winner and three-time World Poker Tour main event champion Anthony ‘heheh’ Zinno placed fourth for $12,921. It was the 2015 Card Player Player of the Year award winner’s third cash of the series. Joseph ‘BIueberry’ Cheong cashed for $6,662 as the seventh-place finisher. This was his third final table and fifth cash of the series.

Other big names among the 75 players make the money included 2013 WSOP main event champion Ryan ‘BiTC0iN’ Riess (14th – $2,220), Chris ‘Robotbob47’ Moorman (17th – $1,615), Toby ‘dustpistons’ Lewis (18th – $1,615), event 12 runner-up Chad ‘clayne’ Layne (24th – $1,009), WSOP bracelet wunner Bryan ‘Pellepelle’ Piccioli (26th – $807), and Jack ‘oneeightyt’ Duong (33rd – $747), who was making his fifth cash of the series.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table of event #13:

Rank Player Payout
1 Thomas ‘OtB_RedBaron’ Lim $49,465
2 Simeon ‘evolved_one’ Knafo $27,761
3 Zachary ‘lovepuddle’ Schwartz $16,959
4 Anthony ‘heheh’ Zinno $12,921
5 Jonathan ‘jonmon101’ Miller $10,902
6 Ray ‘Raytrg’ Villaman $8,883
7 Joseph ‘BIueberry’ Cheong $6,662
8 Harrison ‘harrisond33’ Dobin $4,441
9 Ryan ‘LoveMy11Cats’ Belz $2,927

Friday, Mar. 27 saw 636 entries made in the $250 buy-in no-limit hold’em turbo event. The $50,000 guarantee was nearly tripled as a result fo the strong turnout, growing to $149,459 by the time registration ended.

Eric '8bracelets' VanaukenSang ‘youngkoi’ Lee came out on top in the end, securing $36,618 and his first WSOPC ring as the champion of this event. This was Lee’s fourth cash of the series. He overcame Eric ‘8bracelets’ Vanauken heads-up. Vanauken earned $20,551 for his second runner-up finish in three days, having also placed second in the ‘Big $500’ event that wrapped up on Mar. 24.

WSOP bracelet winner Michael ‘itwasthattor0’ Gagliano finished ninth for $2,167. Other big names who made deep runs in this event include Tom ‘Tmac08’ McCormick (18th – $1,195), Ryan ‘BiTC0iN’ Riess (26th – $597), Lauren ‘sycamore22’ Roberts (32nd – $553), and Thayer ‘rasta_RAF’ Rasmussen (35th – $553). This was Roberts’ sixth cash of the series.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table of event #14:

Rank Player Payout
1 Sang ‘youngkoi’ Lee $36,618
2 Eric ‘8bracelets’ Vanauken $20,551
3 Vincent ‘PeoplesChamp’ Ciccotelli $12,555
4 Jordan ‘HFNeon’ Spurlin $9,565
5 Timothy ‘tbone111’ McGowan $8,071
6 Jason ‘jayriv’ Rivkin $6,576
7 Victor ‘v1k019’ Pang $4,932
8 Junho ‘joros’ Song $3,288
9 Michael ‘itwasthattor0’ Gagliano $2,167

Andrew 'DrDisRespect' DeanSaturday, Mar. 28 saw a $75,000 guaranteed $320 buy-in no-limit hold’em event take place. With 731 total entries made the final prize pool was $219,300. The largest share of that went to Andrew ‘DrDisRespect’ Dean. He cashed for $53,728, and also secured his first gold ring.

Dean defeated WPT champion Justin ‘tamaratibles’ Young heads-up for the title. Young earned $30,153 for his fifth cash of the series. Chad ‘clayne’ Layne locked up a $18,421 payday as the fourth-place finisher. This deep run came just a handful of days after Layne has placed second in event 12, and marked his fourth consecutive cash of the series.

WPT Championship winner Joseph ‘melonhead’ Bartholdi cashed for $11,842 as the fifth-place finisher, while two-time WSOP bracelet winner Calvin ‘projector52’ Anderson added $4,824 to his career totals for placing eighth.

Other notables to make the money include Danny ‘jackdaniels1’ Wong (11th – $2,412), Roland ‘prngls12’ Israelashvilli (13th – $2,412), Sang ‘outofrole80’ Kim(16th – $1,754), Gordon ‘veilleux’ Vayo (24th – $1,096), Jared ‘DarrensRabbi’ Jaffee (31st – $811), and two-time WSOP bracelet winner Barry ‘metph’ Shulman (32nd – $811). This was Shulman’s fifth in-the-money finish of the series.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table of event #15:

Rank Player Payout
1 Andrew ‘DrDisRespect’ Dean $53,728
2 Justin ‘tamaratibles’ Young $30,153
3 Chad ‘clayne’ Layne $18,421
4 Pierce ‘victoria53’ McKellar $14,035
5 Joseph ‘melonhead’ Bartholdi $11,842
6 Daniel ‘chard’ Martin $6,949
7 Bryan ‘mug15’ Elliott $7,236
8 Calvin ‘projector52’ Anderson $4,824
9 Anthony ‘shipit1991’ Marchese $3,179


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