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WATCH: Top Poker Pro Takes Bad Beat Deep In World Series Of Poker Main Event

Canadian Poker Pro Sam Greenwood Gets His Aces Cracked In Crucial Spot


Sam GreenwoodWith 45 players remaining in the 2019 World Series of Poker main event, high-stakes tournament pro Sam Greenwood looked like one of the favorites, if not the outright favorite to win it all. He had a healthy chip stack, a $19 million live tournament resume, and more experience than just about everyone left in the field.

But he also had big stack Timothy Su at his table. Greenwood told Card Player just a day earlier that he wouldn’t start feeling the stress usually associated with high rollers until the tournament got deeper, and Su delivered on that prediction with a hand that will be remembered in the poker world for quite some time.

Su raised with 10Club Suit 9Club Suit, and Greenwood three-bet from the big blind with pocket aces. Su made the call and the two big stacks saw a flop of QDiamond Suit JDiamond Suit 4Club Suit.

Greenwood made a continuation bet, and Su called with his open-ended straight draw. The turn paired the board with the JSpade Suit, and after Greenwood bet once again, Su pounced. He moved all-in, putting Greenwood to a decision for his tournament life.

Greenwood thought it over for a bit, and then made the call. According to the Card Player Poker Odds Calculator, Greenwood was an 82-percent favorite to double up to the chip lead.

“I guess my thought process was… there wasn’t much thought that honestly went into it,” said Su about the hand after day 6. “It was near a pay jump and I thought he could have a lot of hands that he would probably bet-fold. When he flipped it over, I think he had one of the best hands to call it off with. So, kudos to him. And then the cards just determined where the money went.”

Watch the carnage play out below, courtesy of PokerGO.

Unfortunately for Greenwood, the river was the KClub Suit, and Su made his straight to drag the 38.6 million pot. The hand was eerily reminiscent of the 2010 WSOP main event when Matt Affleck got his pocket aces cracked by Jonathan Duhamel’s rivered straight for a chip-leading pot.

While Greenwood will have to find a way to shake this one off, he can take solace in yet another incredible performance on the felt. The 30-year-old Toronto native is the midst of a stellar couple of years on the tournament circuit where he has cashed for more than $10 million and jumped to no. 2 on Canada’s all-time money list.

Greenwood earned $211,945 for his 45th-place showing. Su will start day 7 in third place with 35 players left.