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Gambler Finds Bathroom Bomb At A Cambodian Casino

Explosive Device Was Moved And Detonated In Casino Parking Lot


Gamblers at a Cambodian Casino were evacuated Sunday evening after a casino patron discovered a bomb in the bathroom. No, not that type of bomb. This bomb required more than just a simple plunger to remedy.

A patron of the Golden Crown Casino in Poipet noticed a suspicious Styrofoam box on the floor of the restroom and alerted the casino security. Staff then carefully moved the box from the bathroom to the parking lot of the casino, alerting the authorities.

When police arrived on the scene, they confirmed that the device in the box was an explosive device and responded by evacuating the casino. The Cambodian Mine Action Center, which has a history of removing explosive devices, was brought to the scene were they forced a controlled detonation.

No one was injured during the incident.

According to a Cambodian news outlet, authorities have detained Lay Kim Leang, 39, for questioning about the incident. Motives for the bomb plot are still unknown.

Over the last few years, Cambodia’s gaming industry has seen massive expansion. As recently as 2014, only visitors were allowed to gamble at the country’s casinos, with the government taking in about $25 million in tax revenue. Since allowing Cambodian citizens to make bets of their own, the number of casinos has doubled, and tax revenue is now north of $56 million per year.