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WATCH: Online Poker Player Wins Bad Beat Jackpot Twice

BetOnline Pays Out Nearly $700,000 To 92 Players


BetOnline, a leading online poker site, saw its bad beat jackpot hit yet again this holiday season, this time for a total payout of $696,880. The huge prize was split by 92 lucky players, the luckiest of all being an online grinder who goes by the name of ‘santinhoz’.

Incredibly, it was this very same player who triggered the last bad beat jackpot, which hit in November. Back then, the jackpot had swelled to $1,249,972. After getting his quad tens beaten by quad aces, ‘santinhoz’ scored $218,033 for his trouble.

This time around, ‘santinhoz’ made quad jacks, only to see them cracked by ‘Orianne17’ and his straight flush. For the second bad beat, ‘santinhoz’ pocketed an additional $121,883, while ‘Orianne17’ banked $87,109. The other three players at the table earned a table share of $23,229, while everyone else at a qualifying table won $801.

The worst beat, however, belonged to a player known as ‘Passamassa’, who was seated at the table and witnessed the jackpot hit, but did not receive a prize payout because he was not dealt into the hand.

Check out the action below.

The new bad beat jackpot is already up to $333,000 and climbing. If you’d like to get started on BetOnline, but don’t have an account, sign up today.

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