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Marcel Luske Accuses PokerStars Of Stealing Tournament Rules

Former Rep For The Poker Platform Seeking Damages


Well-known poker pro Marcel Luske is suing the company that once sponsored him over claims that it stole his copyrighted poker tournament rules.

According to a report from CDC Gaming Reports, Luske, who is nicknamed the “Flying Dutchman,” filed suit in Nevada against PokerStars over what he said was a deal for the world’s largest poker site to pay him $25,000 annually for his International Poker Rules. Luske said he created the rules in 2008 thru his Federation International de Poker Association (FIDPA).

The report said that Luske’s rules were in the same vein as the Tournament Director Association (TDA) rules, but his were geared toward the players themselves, not as much for casino staff and tournament organizers.

“An endorsement by the FIDPA was invaluable for a casino because it would attract more players,” said Luske, who represented PokerStars from 2008 to 2014.

According to Luske, PokerStars said in 2012 that it wanted to use his set of rules and to feature the FIDPA logo at its live events. Two years later, according to Luske, PokerStars and him struck a handshake deal for a $25,000 annual licensing fee.

The lawsuit alleges that PokerStars later decided to implement its own set of rules, called PSLive rules, which were allegedly “an exact copy and/or derivative of language from the International Poker Rules.”

The lawsuit against PokerStars, which has roughly 70 percent of the worldwide online poker market, is aiming for general and special damages, plus interest, for fraud, interference with prospective economic advantage, bad faith and breach of contract, the report said.



6 years ago

Good luck Marcel. Pokerstars is a criminal organisation, Which DOJ shut down, they don't have a leg to stand on. Boycott Stars......


6 years ago

Ironic this news comes out when CNBC covered a story of PokerStars being the ones trying to regulate Online Poker in the US. Couple this with their CEO accused of inside trading.
Best they try and get their own house in order, before being trusted any further. Last year they promised new promotions. Enough of their broken promises. I know personally they have chosen the wrong fight with Marcel. This is not a trivial case, for poker rules should be for the protection of the paying players and not just for the officials.


6 years ago

As stabbed in the Back stated...GOOD LUCK MARCEL. you going to need it. Trust a handshake deal has less of chance winning in court than seeing Mother Teresa wearing Gucci shoes. Not going to happen.


6 years ago

Herbie1 read the CDC report link. For the evidence is not just based on a handshake agreement which was witnessed. But affirmed by emails as well.
For sure Pokerstars would not be that silly to go anywhere near court on this. Just look at the testimonials and support by most of the worlds leading poker players for Marcel's International poker rules. Why for these rules are mainly configured to suit the playing fraternity and not the tournament officials.
Pokerstars now being a PLC has a clear Code of Conducts that their directors and officers must adhere to. It would look like some of their officers have stepped over the line.
No court here for Pokerstars, even if they happen to win the case. They would be slaughtered in the media. For just look how many other poker news portals have picked up on this.
Backed up if Pokerstars do not settle out of court, Marcel at some juncture will definitely conduct a series of interviews.
No Herbie Marcel does not need the luck, it is Pokerstars that seriously need to re-think how they can best address this issue and quick. For no live or online poker event can take place without rules in place. As mentioned before they cannot risk going to court and possibly losing. For the courts could have them cease trading with immediate effect. Watch this space, this is a lot more serious than you think.