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Card Player TV Video Spotlight -- David Baker On High Only Omaha 8/OB Hands

WSOP Bracelet Winner Gives Advice On Playing High Hands In Popular Split-Pot Poker Format


Omaha eight-or-better is one of the most commonly spread live poker games outside of texas hold’em at lower stakes. If you are looking to try something new in the poker world, this might be one of the most accessible games to try your hand in.

That being said, starting with four cards and having the pot split between the best high and low hands are just some of the many differences that scare off hold’em players from taking a seat in an O/8 game.

The most basic advice beginners should follow when first starting out is to try to win the entire pot. Normally that involves playing hands that can make strong high and low hands to scoop the pot, like the beautiful AA23 double suited you see above.

But as players become more comfortable with the game they might try to start to incorporate playing some high-only hands, as a low will only be possible around 60 percent of the time by the river.

Card Player TV caught up with World Series of Poker bracelet winner David Baker, champion of the 2012 $2,500 eight-game mix event, to discuss high-only hands in Omaha eight-or-better a bit more.

“I need to have four cards that play well together,” said Baker. “I don’t really like the KKJ2, they just don’t play really well. There are certain spots where you might need to three bet them against a player who is playing too many hands from late position and you’re on the button. But for the most part you want to play like KKQJ double suited or QQJ10 or KQJ10, something more like that.”

Check out the full video below for more advice from Baker:

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